October 16, 2023

7 AI Chatbots To Explore In 2023

It’d be wonderful if every writer, marketer, or business owner could turn to an assistant and ask “what should I write about [insert topic here]”. Recent advances in generative AI have made that possible.

With simple, conversational prompts, today’s AI chatbots can help you brainstorm, write, and refine content in seconds or minutes rather than hours. The pickup in pace matters because “In a digital world, content leads to exposure, which leads to sales.” Copy.ai Co-Founder Chris Lu said in an interview with Forbes, “The larger companies can write and publish content at such a high pace that they dominate SEO and other channels.”

But, is your AI chatbot up for the tasks you’re asking it to do?

With the rapid influx of platforms over the last few months it’s tougher than ever to know whether you’re using an AI Chatbot that has the feature set you want (or just another shiny new tool). 

Compare the top seven AI chatbots on the market and see which tool fits your budget and needs.

The 7 Best AI chatbots in 2023

breakdown of the best ai chatbots in 2023

1. Copy.ai: Mission control for sales and marketing

I like to think of our platform as something that gives marketing teams the writers, researchers, and copywriters they need to be successful but may not have the budget for.

Chat by Copy.ai equips your team with a Chat-like experience combining generative AI with real-time data scraped from the web and core company information (brand voice, feature descriptions, capabilities, etc) built right within the platform. From there, you can tackle any copy-related project your heart desires, whether that’s content creation, data fetching, workflow automation, or something else entirely.

Keep in mind that outputs from any generative AI platform are only as good as your inputs which is why we’ve released Prompt Improve. This feature helps you craft masterful prompts that get you even better results. Check out a short preview 👇

Quick overview of Copy.ai

  • Features: 90+ tools and templates, Chat, Infobase, Automated AI workflows, weekly product demos, 25+ supported languages, and Prompt Improve
  • Free Trial/Plan: 7-day free trial (and a forever free plan with a 2,000-word monthly limit); no credit card required
  • Pricing: Starts at $49/month billed monthly or $36/month billed yearly and includes unlimited words
  • G2 Rating: 4.8 stars

2. ChatGPT: The trendsetter

You might have heard about ChatGPT if you’ve been awake at any point between November, 2022 and now. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the online world by storm by offering an easy-to-use chat interface that responds in a natural, conversational dialogue to inputs. While it was initially built on GPT-3, ChatGPT’s paid platform, ChatGPT Plus uses the latest GPT-4 model and shows the power of Generative AI.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to its abilities. Without access to real-time data, ChatGPT has been shown to ‘“hallucinate” facts and makes reasoning errors’ due to the underlying model.

Quick overview of ChatGPT

  • Features: Natural language processing, conversational chat, multiple saved conversation threads, API integrations
  • Free Trial/Plan: Free access to ChatGPT basic(runs on GPT-3.5)
  • Pricing: $20/month for ChatGPT Plus
  • G2 Rating: 4.6 stars

3. KoalaChat: ChatGPT alternative

One of the main reasons ChatGPT gained traction fast was because it was easy to use. No learning curve, no complex commands or coding knowledge required. Simply type your request and ChatGPT would handle the rest.

While some platforms have added more and more features, templates, and designs to their interface, KoalaChat chose to go the opposite way as an alternative to ChatGPT.

Their interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. KoalaWriter helps structure inputs in order to generate a blog or Amazon product roundup after the user answers a  few questions. The latest version is powered by GPT 3.5, which promises faster responses than ChatGPT’s free edition or any GPT-3 powered platform. As with other AI chat tools, GPT-4 is only available on paid subscription tiers and uses more credits than  GPT-3 or 3.5. For example, their base level allows for 15,000 words per month but if you choose to use GPT-4, you are only allowed 3,000.

Quick overview of KoalaChat

  • Features: Blog generator, Amazon Product Roundup generator, streamlined UI 
  • Free Trial/Plan: 5,000 words and 25 chat messages.
  • Pricing: Tiered pricing options starting at $9 per month/$81 a year
  • G2 Rating: N/A

4. Jasper Chat: Collaborative AI content creation

Formerly known as Conversion.ai and Jarvis.ai, Jasper.ai is built on GPT-3 but users can upgrade to GPT-4 if needed. Its built-in “recipes” that turn the content creation process into a fill-in-the-blank workflow. This ensures that Jasper gets the information it needs to provide the best possible output. 

Users can build everything from a blog post to a social media campaign in just a few clicks. 

Jasper Chat has a lot in common with our own Chat by Copy.ai. They both offer AI-powered content creation at scale in an easy to use format with no setup time needed. Neither paid version limits the amount of words so you can chat away. If you’re interested in reading more, check out our article Copy.ai vs Jasper.ai and see the difference for yourself.

Quick overview of Jasper

  • Features: 50+ templates, 30+ Languages, integrations with key platforms
  • Free Trial/Plan: 7-day free trial
  • Pricing: $39/month or $468/year
  • G2 Rating: 4.7 stars

5. Writesonic: The self-proclaimed ChatGPT challenger

Chatsonic by Writesonic is another popular ChatGPT alternative

As with most of the other AI chat tools on this list, ChatSonic is leveraging the latest GPT-4 model to tackle any writing project you can think of. The team took the existing framework designed by OpenAI and looked to address shortcomings such as making up facts and figures.

Similar to KoalaChat, ChatSonic also promises for a quicker, smoother experience overall with low latency times.

Quick overview of Writesonic

  • Features: 100+ templates, 25+ languages, AI Prompt marketplace, prebuilt Personality Avatars for chatbot
  • Free Trial/Plan: 10,000 words
  • Pricing: $19/monthly or $152/annual for base tier (100,000 words)
  • G2 Ratings: 3.3 stars

6. Claude by Anthropic: The “harmless” AI

In an effort to avoid the apocalyptic disaster in literally every sci-fi movie, Google-backed Anthropic looked to create an AI that gave answers that were helpful rather than harmful.

They do this by training the AI not just on mass data sets but also on a set of moral values called “Constitutional AI” to help judge the outputs before they’re given to the user. Claude is offered not as just a pure writing tool but more of an assistant who can help create content. Anthropic also claims that Claude functions well as a customizable “company representative, a research assistant, [and] a task automator.”

Based on early feedback, users have reported Claude as “less likely to produce harmful outputs, easier to converse with, and more steerable.” Claude offers many of the same features on this list and can help with content generation, customer support, and automating various functions. 

Quick overview of Claude

  • Features: Customizable chatbot, moral-based decision making, 
  • Free Trial/Plan: N/A
  • Pricing: Token-based pricing equivalent to $0.01 and $0.03 per thousand tokens depending on the version of Claude.
  • G2 Rating: N/A

7. GitHub's Copilot: From sentence to code

Chatbots can be more than just writing assistants. GitHub’s Copilot is one example of a chatbot that’s focused on helping software developers reduce repetitive tasks and code more efficiently. Developed in collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI, Copilot was trained on billions of lines of code. It offers autocomplete-style suggestions that can be used across dozens of programming languages and integrates with the most popular IDEs (integrated development environments).

In addition to coding suggestions, Copilot can help developers learn how to use a new framework, without spending the entire day sifting through different documents and searching the web. Save hours on research and writing new code.

Quick overview of Copilot

As an added bonus, Copilot is free for verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open source projects.

  • Features: Processes natural language into code, coding suggestion, multiple language support, IDE integrations
  • Free Trial/Plan: 30-day free trial, Forever-free for verified students, teachers, and open source developers
  • Pricing: $10 monthly or $100 annually
  • G2 Rating: 4.7

Wrapping up

In June 2001, a chatbot named SmarterChild started the revolution of what ActiveBuddy COO called “conversational computing” and was eventually decommissioned in 2007.

Fast forward over a decade and AI has grown exponentially. The evolution seen in the last 6 months between GPT-3.5 to GPT-4 alone has been astounding.

Understanding how best to leverage AI chatbots and AI tools work will be a vital skill set moving forward. Within a few short years, marketers, business owners, and knowledge workers will likely struggle to remember what it was like to do work without them.

In the end, AI Chatbots are excellent when you’re just getting started with a project or request. For those vital content creation processes your team is tackling, it’s helpful to have a tool that goes further than that.

Try for yourself and see how our 90+ templates will guide you through creating everything from a sales email to a complete article with easy-to-follow prompts. Get started with our forever-free plan today.

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