November 8, 2023

AI & SEO: A Deep Dive with Tim Hanson [Agency Founder]

Note: The following blog post was generated by AI based on the human conversation transcript above. We recommend watching the full video to learn more about Tim Hanson and his expert advice on SEO.

Tim Hanson, founder of the digital marketing agency Fivethreeoh, shares his experiences and insights on incorporating AI into SEO and content marketing. With over 10 years in the industry, he provides a balanced perspective on AI's benefits and limitations.  

The Impact of AI on SEO Business Models

When AI came onto the scene, many marketers worried it would make their roles obsolete. Tim initially had the same concerns, but took a proactive approach to learning AI tools and capabilities inside and out.

He realized AI excels at automating repetitive, defined processes - like taking his SOPs and turning them into prompts. This allowed him to scale his business and focus more time on strategy and creativity.

According to Tim, AI tools can do 80-90% of certain tasks, freeing up humans to provide strategic oversight and the nuanced decision making AI currently lacks.

Rather than replace SEO experts, AI has the power to enhances their capabilities and overall impact.

Combining AI's Consistency with Human Creativity

One of AI's biggest limitations is understanding the intricacies of a business to make informed decisions about strategy. While AI can generate ideas, it falls short on tying recommendations directly to business goals and priorities.

Tim explains the ideal workflow is using AI to quickly handle repetitive tasks and create a solid foundation of content. Humans then take that foundation and build creative campaigns and ideas on top of it.

AI brings speed and consistency, while humans bring strategic business knowledge and innovative thinking. Together they can accomplish more than either could separately.

Guiding Clients Toward Bold Experiments

When clients get fixated on playing it safe, Tim suggests first proving out performance with AI-generated content. Once you've built trust and results, you can start pushing for bolder experiments with budgets.

He explains bigger budgets mean less perceived risk for clients. When they can afford to gamble, they become more open to unconventional ideas that lack data-driven validation.

In his own words, "clients that pay, pay attention."

Tim believes human creativity is critical for breakout marketing success. Even if the data doesn't support an idea, sometimes you need to trust your gut and take a leap. AI provides the safety net below for those big swings.

Writing Effective AI Prompts

One of Tim's biggest lessons has been properly framing prompts to extract AI's full potential. He explains humans often provide inadequate context in prompts, then get disappointed when the output doesn't meet their expectations.

His solution is prompting the AI to have an interactive conversation where it asks clarifying questions until it's 95% confident in its suggestion.

This forces the human to provide the background info needed.

Just like with human team members, you need to give AI the necessary context to do excellent work. With thoughtful prompts, AI can deliver tremendous value.

Key Takeaways

Tim offers an insightful perspective on integrating AI without losing the human creativity and strategy that drives growth. His tips for leveraging AI's strengths while compensating for its limitations provide a framework for marketers looking to uplevel their efforts.

While AI tools continue evolving, the human touch remains vital in SEO and content creation.

By combining AI speed and consistency with human strategic thinking, marketers can accomplish more together than apart.

To learn more from Tim, visit or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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