July 5, 2024

AI Enrichment: The Next Generation of Sales Signal

We've all been there. You get a promising new inbound lead, but there's barely any information to go on.

Just a name, company, and maybe an email address if you're lucky.

Not much to work with when trying to craft that perfect, personalized outreach. So what's an SDR to do?

Well, in the dark ages before AI, we'd manually research each lead one-by-one. Searching databases, scouring LinkedIn, piecing together scraps of data to try and build a profile. The process was tedious, time-consuming, and often incomplete.

Not exactly efficient when you've got hundreds of leads to follow up on daily.

But with the rise of AI, there's finally a better way. Let me introduce you to automated lead enrichment—the secret weapon for supercharging your sales prospecting.

Before reading through the rest of this post, be sure to check out this video to learn how Copy.ai workflows can help with AI enrichment. In this case, all you need is a person's LinkedIn URL:

How Lead Enrichment Works

Lead enrichment uses the power of AI to automatically augment your inbound leads with additional information pulled in from both internal and external sources. As soon as a new lead hits your CRM, workflows trigger in the background to enrich the record with relevant personal and company data.

This gives your sales reps the full context they need to have quality conversations and follow up effectively.

The key is integrating your CRM with an AI platform like Copy.ai.

Our workflow builder makes it easy to set up customized enrichment flows without any coding required. Simply point the workflows at your lead data, configure them to pull fields from APIs or scrape sites like LinkedIn, and define where that data should sync back to in the CRM.

Our AI handles the heavy lifting from there.

These enrichment workflows can tap into data sources like:

  • LinkedIn - job titles, work history, education, skills, interests
  • Clearbit/Zoominfo - personal and company demographics, technographics, contacts
  • SimilarWeb - website analytics and traffic data
  • AngelList - funding details, tech stack, key people

The possibilities are endless. You can even train custom models over time to extract any information that might be useful for your business.

Enrichment in Action

Let's look at a quick example to see automated enrichment in action.

Say I'm an SDR and a lead comes in with just a name, email, and company name. Not much to go on for my first outreach. But immediately after they fill out a form on our site, a workflow kicks off that starts enriching their record.

It first uses Clearbit to look up their work email along with other personal and company data. Then it scrapes their LinkedIn to pull in info on their job title, work history, skills, and more.

Within a minute or two, I've got a lead record packed with useful context to reference in my outreach.

The key is having this automated in the background so I can focus on actually connecting with prospects. No more wasting time digging through databases to piece together lead info.

Benefits of AI Enrichment

It's easy to see why automated enrichment is becoming so critical for efficient sales prospecting. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

  • More Relevant Outreach. With a complete view of each lead from enrichment, reps can craft personalized messages that resonate. Calling out shared connections, interests, or pain points makes a big impact.
  • Increased Response Rate. There's a direct correlation between lead enrichment and increased response rates. Compelling outreach informed by research gets better results.
  • Improved Lead Scoring. Detailed lead profiles allow your team to better segment and prioritize leads for follow-up. Score leads based on attributes like seniority, tech stack, company size, and more.
  • Shorter Sales Cycles. When reps have full context for leads upfront, it reduces back-and-forth research and speeds up the sales process.
  • No More Manual Data Entry. AI Enrichment eliminates tedious, manual research and data entry. All the lead heavy lifting is handled automatically by AI.

Take Your Prospecting to the Next Level

As you can see, automated lead enrichment supercharges your sales prospecting by giving reps the intel they need to connect with inbound leads as quickly and contextually as possible. No more scrambling to piece together basic lead profiles.

If you're still manually researching and entering lead data or relying on incomplete information, it's time to step up your prospecting game with AI-powered enrichment.

The best part is that workflows make it simple to set up with no coding required. You can be up and running enriching leads automatically in no time.

It's time to put AI to work for you. Let it handle the tedious prospecting tasks so you can focus on building relationships.

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