Copy.ai vs Writesonic: An honest & unbiased review (even where we lose)

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AI workflows 

Workflows brings a new level of efficiency and productivity to your team. It allows you to automate and streamline your content generation processes, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Simplified pricing

At Copy.ai, we like to keep things simple—including our prices. For $36/month, you get 5 user seats, unlimited words, unlimited Brand Voices, our Prompt Improver, and much more.

Built for teams

With 5 user seats in the Pro plan, multiple team members can use the platform simultaneously, increasing collaboration and productivity.

Why teams choose Copy.ai vs Writesonic

AI Workflow automation

Tired of spending countless hours brainstorming and crafting each piece of content from scratch? Struggle to keep up with the demands of producing high-quality content at scale? Our automated Workflows generate multiple content pieces based on a single prompt. Imagine starting with a webinar transcript and instantly receiving 10 blog ideas, 10 blog outlines, 10 blog first drafts, and social media posts for each blog. It’s time to ditch manual work and embrace automated efficiency with open arms.

Genuinely unlimited access 

On Writesonic’s paid plan, they give you “practically unlimited words.” On our paid plan? You get actual unlimited words. On Copy.ai’s Pro plan, experience unlimited word count, unlimited Brand Voices, unlimited entries to Infobase, and much more. But at nearly the same price, you’ll be capped at 100,000 words with Writesonic when using GPT-4 (and let’s be honest… you want GPT4). 

Content that’s (always) superior

Writesonic allows you to reduce or extend your word count by giving you options for the quality of your output. You can create content that’s Premium or Superior, depending on which language model you use. At Copy.ai, we think you should always deliver superior content to your audience. That’s why we don’t change pricing based on the language model you’re using to build high-quality content for your brand. 

Use your saved data in Copy.ai

Infobase allows you to store information that can be referenced and later used when you’re writing prompts. This helps improve the quality of your output and leads to higher-quality content in less time. Simply save all the information you need, give it a tag, and then reference it in chat or workflows. That way, Copy.ai will have all of the information it needs without you manually retyping it each time.

Copy.ai vs Writesonic: What’s the best option for me?

Copy.ai and Writesonic are both useful for teams that need to create text-based content. Both are feature-rich, affordable, and genuinely provide users with unique and engaging copy, both long and short-form. 

So why would you go with one tool over the other?

While both platforms are helpful, Copy.ai stands out in a few ways. More specifically, it delivers an output that is always superior, with simple pricing plans, and provides you access to Workflows, a feature that Writesonic doesn’t currently offer. 

Copy.ai has Workflows. Writesonic doesn’t. 

When it comes to generative AI platforms, both Copy.ai and Writesonic are exceptional products that assist in content creation. However, they've each taken distinct paths to differentiate themselves from other tools on the market.

As a result, you should look for the solution that suits your long-term needs.

Copy.ai sets itself apart by offering unique and powerful automated Workflows. With Workflows, you have the ability to type out your desired Workflow using natural language, and watch as it gets assembled right in front of you.

This provides a seamless and efficient way to generate various types of content simultaneously, such as blog posts, social media posts, onboarding emails, and more. The workflow can then be tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to repurpose text-based content and create multiple assets at the same time.

But what truly sets Workflows apart is its capability to extract valuable insights from text-based transcripts or content. With Workflows, you can pull relevant information and build assets based on those insights. This allows teams to transform raw data into actionable content, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. 

And again, this can all be done at scale from your Copy.ai dashboard:

Plus, Copy.ai provides a dedicated endpoint API for all Workflows, offering seamless integrations with any tool you're currently working with. Imagine being able to pull meaningful insights from sales call transcripts and instantly share them with the relevant stakeholders via Slack. 

The possibilities for collaboration and data-driven decision-making are truly endless.

Writesonic, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by introducing Botsonic, a no-code chatbot builder that helps you to create chatbots using your own company data. This feature lets you leverage AI technology within your conversational interactions with customers.

And in the spirit of fairness, we should mention that one of the standout features of Botsonic is the ability to train it on your own data. When you upload your knowledge base documents or enter your website link, you can enhance your customer experience with a chatbot that converses just like a real person. This NLP-based AI chatbot builder, powered by GPT-4, can act as a single source of truth for all your customer interactions, providing a more dynamic user experience.

While both Copy.ai and Writesonic began with and mastered the capabilities of ChatGPT-like Chatbots, each has branched out to differentiate itself from the AI herd. 

And at the end of the day, Copy.ai's automated Workflows provide an additional layer of value for teams, helping them save time, improve productivity, and deliver high-quality content at scale.

Copy.ai delivers a superior experience with simpler pricing 

Copy.ai’s pricing model is straightforward and comprehensive, as it provides customers with unlimited words, unlimited Brand Voices, unlimited entries to Infobase, unlimited access to our pre-built templates, and much more at one flat rate of $36/month.

The plan also comes with 5 user seats, Prompt Improver, support in 95+ languages, customer support, and training resources, making it a reliable and efficient choice for content generation.

On the other hand, Writesonic's pricing model can be confusing and frustrating. That’s because the cost of the service is linked to the specific language model being used, with "premium" or "superior" content depending on the model.

Writesonic has multiple paid plans. But the closest plan to Copy.ai’s Pro plan (to keep things fair) offers either 600,000 premium words or 100,000 superior words, with additional upgrades or changes possibly leading to unexpected costs. 

This pricing model can make it difficult to plan content and bring added stress to the customer.

Copy.ai's unlimited words means that customers can enjoy a flexible and worry-free experience, knowing that they can generate as much content as they like without seeing any extra fees. On the other hand, Writesonic's word limits and pricing structure can be a hassle, potentially leading to more headaches and confusion for customers.

Ultimately, with Copy.ai, customers can be confident that they are getting an AI content generation platform that truly delivers superior content every time. 

Copy.ai gives you Infobase for better prompting 

Infobase is a powerful feature that provides a centralized repository for storing and retrieving information, making it easy for content creators to generate better prompts.

Copy.ai offers Infobase, but Writesonic doesn't currently have this feature.

Infobase allows content creators to store all of the important information about a product or service in a centralized location that can be easily referenced and used when drafting content.

This includes information about new features, brand style guides, and general information about the business. With access to this information, content creators on Copy.ai can produce content that is always comprehensive, accurate, and true to your brand.

Writesonic doesn't offer a centralized database like Infobase, which can put content creators and marketing teams at a disadvantage. Without a centralized database, creating consistent content at scale can be a challenge.

With Infobase, Copy.ai stands out as an AI writing platform that is committed to providing its customers with powerful and effective tools to support their content generation needs.

Copy.ai is model agnostic  

Copy.ai is proud to be one of the few AI writing platforms that is truly model agnostic. While we do leverage OpenAI's GPT-4 model, we also incorporate other well-known models such as Claude and Anthropic. This model-agnostic approach lets us provide customers with access to the most advanced large language models available which translates to always having the best possible output.

Writesonic appears to have its own fine-tuned models, but it's unclear whether or not they are truly model agnostic—though all documentation suggests they aren’t. Instead, it appears that Writesonic uses OpenAI’s models (GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32k), with some GPT-3 models fine-tuned specifically for Writesonic users. 

While fine-tuning models can be beneficial, it's just as essential to have access to the most advanced large language models available as they can lead to better results and avoid outages/downtimes.

As a user, there are several benefits to working with an AI platform that is truly model-agnostic:

1. Access to the latest advancements: Model agnostic platforms can incorporate multiple state-of-the-art language models, allowing users to take advantage of the most advanced large language models available. 

2. Improved accuracy and diversity: Different language models excel in different areas, and no single model is perfect for every scenario. Being model agnostic leads to improved accuracy and diversity in generated content, ensuring a better fit for specific use cases and a wider range of creative possibilities.

3. Future-proofing and scalability: The AI landscape is constantly evolving, with new models being developed every single day. A model agnostic approach means that users can easily incorporate new models as they emerge, keeping their AI system up to date and future-proofed. This scalability allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and lean harder into AI technology.

4. Balanced trade-offs: Every AI model comes with its own trade-offs, such as generation speed, output quality, or creativity. A model agnostic platform can strike a balance between different models, leveraging their respective strengths to mitigate weaknesses. This leads to a more well-rounded AI system that can cater to a wider range of user preferences and use cases.

When selecting the right generative AI platform for your team, it’s important to consider the engine that powers the software you choose. While OpenAI has excellent large language models, they are no longer the only player on the market. 

As such, you should consider Copy.ai as the solution that gives you more flexible output and higher reliability. 

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