Copy.ai scales with you. Writer won’t.

Copy.ai is built to scale with pricing and features to match. If you’re serious about using AI to make your organization more efficient, Writer isn’t the right tool for you. With word limits and user restrictions, you’ll run into blocker after blocker, preventing you from scaling fast.
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Don’t put all your eggs in one AI model 

Copy.ai is model agnostic, which means you’re not limited by one AI model. Writer, on the other hand, is only compatible with its own AI model, Palmyra.

Automate your workflow in seconds

From custom workflows that automate mundane processes, to capabilities like Brand Voice, Infobase, and more—Copy.ai makes your team more efficient and scales with your business.

Get more bang for your buck

With Copy.ai, you get unlimited words for five users at $49 per month—that’s less than $10 per person. Writer charges $18 per month for a single user—almost double—while limiting you to just 15K words/user/month.

Why teams are choosing Copy.ai over Writer

Model-agnostic platform

Copy.ai is model-agnostic by design, so you’re not locked into a specific AI model. Our algorithm deploys different models depending on the individual prompt—and we’re frequently expanding our capabilities. Writer is only compatible with one type of model: their own.

Growth-friendly pricing

Copy.ai’s all-in pricing ($49 per month or $36 per month with annual billing) includes unlimited words for five users. Writer’s plan is less at $18 per month, but only includes one user and 15K words—that’s just a handful of long-form blog posts.

AI workflows that drive efficiencies

It’s hard to get the most out of AI if you don’t actually enjoy using it. Workflows by Copy.ai is an efficiency unlock for your entire marketing funnel. Easily create bulk product descriptions or generate a series of LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions, and Twitter threads from a single blog URL. The best part? You can get started in minutes (no coding knowledge required!) and join our customers using Copy.ai to achieve 100X more efficiency.


We don’t care about going toe-to-toe with tech giants on AI models. We care about making generative AI as easy and accessible as possible, so you can focus on high-value tasks and automate the rest. With a laser focus on our product and customers, Copy.ai has become known as one of the most dependable content generators on the market. Although Writer can be a decent option for low-output teams, we’ve spotted multiple customer reviews complaining about consistency.

Comparing Copy.ai vs Writer

$49/month (for 5 users)
$90/month ($18 per user)
15,000 /user/month
AI Templates
90+ Prompt templates
10 Templates
Free plan
Language Support
29+ languages
Only English

Copy.ai vs Writer: What’s the best option for me?

The best generative AI tool depends on what you’re using it for. Writer is a solid option if:

  • You think generative AI is handy when you’re in a pinch, but don’t plan on regularly generating a lot of content
  • You’re curious to test the waters with generative AI, but aren’t convinced it needs to be a part of your regular workflow
  • 2K words for one user is insufficient but unlimited words for five users would be overkill

However, Copy.ai is a better fit if you care about:

High output

At Copy.ai, we don’t believe in punishing teams for productivity, which is why our paid plan includes unlimited words. Sure, you can generate so much content it would make Shakespeare’s head spin. But you can also adopt a more thoughtful and agile approach to generative AI, with the ability to test, experiment, and optimize prompts to your heart’s desire—instead of continually checking how many words you have left every time you run a prompt.


At $18/month, there’s no denying that Writer is the cheaper option. At least on the surface. However, the devil is in the details. Writer only offers one user seat and caps the words you can generate at 15K per month. Once you exceed five users, Write also forces an upgrade to their custom enterprise tier. Copy.ai’s Pro plan includes five users right off the bat at $49/month.


No one wants to invest in a new platform only to outgrow it a few months later. While Copy.ai is intuitive enough for beginners to jump in, our tool was built for the long-haul. Workflows make it easy to integrate generative AI into your routine, from enhancing your prompts with contextual hashtags to consolidating outputs into a single editor. We’ve also completely obliterated Blank Screen Syndrome with our vast prompt library and interactive prompt generators—on days when you don’t feel like writing prompts from scratch.

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