11:00 am


Content Personalization with AI-Powered Workflows

Explore how Workflows can help you boost engagement with hyper-personalized content

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About this webinar

Creating content that converts is one thing, but developing high-value content for your core audiences and personas can be tricky—especially if you're leveraging AI. With our Workflows, you can tailor content experiences to different personas and individual users, and do it at scale, too. Join our Office Hour session to learn how to use Workflows, and watch our team build these Workflows for you, live!

What you'll learn

How to use Workflows to ideate and map content to different buyer personas
Building Workflows that enable you to create content for 1:1 personalization
Tips for scaling personalization efficiently with AI-powered Workflows


Robert Moseley
Head of Implementation and Consulting
Shikhar Singh
Solutions Engineer