9:00 am


Acing Competitive Analysis with Workflows

Streamline competitive analysis with AI-powered Workflows

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About this webinar

Understanding the competitive landscape for your product and company is critical for winning more deals and retaining your customers—but competitor research can take hours, often eating into time your team simply doesn't have to spare! With our AI-powered Workflows, we'll show you how you can quickly and efficiently perform competitor analyses on the top companies vying for your customers' attention. Save your seat at our Office Hour session, where our team will be building these Workflows in real-time to show you how!

What you'll learn

How to use Workflows to quickly gather research and intel on your top competitors
Leveraging AI to identify competitive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
Tips on using Workflows to beat competitors with tailored messaging


Robert Moseley
Head of Implementation and Consulting
Shikhar Singh
Solutions Engineer