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YouTube Marketing for Business Made Easy

Soniya Jain

June 2, 2022

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users, and they together watch over a billion hours of video content every single day.

That is a lot of eyeballs for a lot of time looking at a screen (mobile, desktop, and lately VR) to educate, entertain or inspire themselves.

Marketers like you have a ripe opportunity to reach your target audience through YouTube marketing, which can help you grow brand awareness, drive engagement, and even boost your sales.

With the ever-growing popularity of video marketing, many businesses are now using YouTube to promote their products or services.

But there are several common mistakes that many businesses make when starting with YouTube marketing. Unfortunately, these mistakes negatively affect their ability to leverage the platform's potential for business growth.

After reading this in-depth guide, you will have a solid foundational knowledge to use YouTube marketing for your business the right way.

Here are the major topics that we will cover:

  • Why is YouTube marketing a no-brainer for every business?
  • How does YouTube support your business marketing?
  • How to set up your YouTube channel?
  • How to optimize your YouTube channel?
  • How to create a content strategy for your YouTube channel?
  • How to effectively execute your YouTube content strategy?
  • Role of influencers in YouTube marketing

Youtube application screengrab

Exciting stats that make YouTube a no-brainer in every marketing strategy

YouTube today isn't just a place to watch cute cat videos or your favorite show reruns anymore. Instead, it is a genuinely diverse social platform that offers something for everyone, including businesses.

Here are some incredible stats to get you stoked about investing your time and resources in YouTube's video platform:

6 ways YouTube supports your business marketing

YouTube can be a fantastic marketing tool for your business.

Whether you're looking to build awareness of your business, connect with your audience, or convert and retain customers, YouTube offers many different ways to market a company. Every business will find a use case to support its goals on YouTube.

Let us check out some of these use cases below:

Increase brand awareness

If you're looking to increase brand awareness for your business, YouTube is a great place to start. 

There are more than 2 billion active users on the platform, which means there's a good chance that the people you're trying to reach are already there.

There are many ways to use YouTube to boost your brand visibility. 

For example, you can create and post videos on your channel to get more interaction and engagement with your viewers. The goal is to get subscribers so that more people are aware of who you are and what your business does.

Boost lead generation with content marketing

If a business is serious about boosting lead generation with content marketing, it should consider using YouTube as a platform for its videos.

The video aspect of YouTube makes it more engaging than text-based content, so people are more likely to watch a video while browsing through their feed. This means they'll be more likely to click on links in the description or comments section, which will drive them to your website and eventually lead to sales.

Improve customer service

Having excellent customer service is an integral part of your business. However, it can be challenging to provide stellar customer service when you have customers located worldwide.

One way to improve your customer service is by using YouTube.

A YouTube video can be a great way to show your customers how to use a product or service. When it comes to customer service, you want to help your customers when they have questions, but you also want to be able to show them how things work. A video is one of the best ways to do this because it allows your customer to see the process.

As a result, you should be seeing fewer customer support tickets as many of your customers would prefer the self-service model via your YouTube content.

Showcase product demos

YouTube is a great platform for showcasing product demos.

Product demo videos are a great way to explain what your product does and how it works. They can be short or long, depending on your product. If your product is complicated and requires a lengthy explanation, you may want to split up your product demo into multiple smaller demos. Each demo should highlight a specific feature or use of your product.

Showcase customer testimonials

If you are in the business of selling goods or services, you should get a lot of customer referrals. 

One way to do this is to use YouTube to highlight some of your best customers. By gathering case studies and testimonials and posting them on YouTube, you're making it easy for potential buyers to see why your products and services are beneficial. Also, enjoyably engaging with your happy customers.

For example, if you want to use video testimonials from customers on your website, it may not be realistic for the customer to travel to your office and film their comments in person. However, with the help of many easy-to-use video recording software available today, customers can record their testimonials and send them directly to you for uploading to YouTube.

Highlight company culture

Video content is an effective way to get your company's personality across, and when it comes to employer branding, it can help you attract your ideal employees.

You can use the YouTube playlist feature to create a series of videos around a theme. For example, "What it’s like to work at X."

YouTube is the perfect platform for sharing this kind of content on your careers page because it's social (so you can share with other people and create conversations around your employer brand), it's searchable (so job seekers can find you), and best of all, it's free!

Focus on defining your target audience on YouTube

Knowing your target audience is one of the most fundamental parts of success with YouTube marketing.

It will help you create and grow a YouTube channel by defining:

  • What content to create
  • What video formats to use
  • How to sell to your viewers

Here are a few tips that you can use to figure out who your target audience is on YouTube

Understand the demographics

Start by thinking about the demographics of your business. Are you trying to reach people in a certain age range? Would you prefer to appeal to men or women? Are you trying to target people in specific locations? It is important to consider these things in deciding who will watch your videos on YouTube and what types of videos they will desire.

Understand the psychographics

Psychographic data are a set of attributes about a person's personality or lifestyle that help marketers segment them into audiences. Psychographic data often includes information such as values, attitudes, interests, activities, and opinions.

For example, if your YouTube channel is about fitness, you'll want to reach health-conscious people. You can determine this by looking at someone's interests in addition to demographic variables like age or income level.

Try YouTube's Find My Audience tool

Find My Audience is a free tool from Google to discover new audiences, download their profiles, and create video campaigns to reach and engage them. You can then target them with YouTube ads, interact with followers on a YouTube live stream, and dive into performance metrics in YouTube analytics.

How to set up your YouTube channel

Setting up a YouTube channel is an exciting moment. It's a tiny step in the grand scheme of things, but it's the first of many victories on your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber.

Here are the steps to create a YouTube channel for your business:

Create your channel account with your business's Google account

You would need a Google account to create a YouTube channel. It is a good practice to use your business's Google account for this purpose.

Add a channel name

Creating a name for your YouTube channel. [Download link]

Give your channel a name that reflects your business and content. You will be able to change the name later if you like.

Add a clear description and channel tags

Add a description that describes your overall channel clearly. Also, add channel tags that are keywords for the main topics you will cover.

Include links to your website and social media profiles

It's helpful that you add links to your website and social media accounts so that viewers have an easy way to connect with you online outside of YouTube.

Hurray! You have successfully created your YouTube channel.

How to optimize your YouTube channel for success?

There are some crucial steps you should take immediately after creating your channel to get off to the right start.

Pick a unique channel name

A unique name for your YouTube channel is recommended for a few different reasons:

  • It helps you stand out from the crowd and makes it easier to be found.
  • It allows you to build a brand that is memorable and easy to recognize.

Add a unique profile picture

Every YouTube channel should have a profile picture or logo. It makes your channel look professional, establishes your brand, and helps people easily identify you (and your videos).

Use keywords in the channel description

Using keywords in your channel description helps with channel discovery on YouTube. You can use similar words or phrases as the title of your channel and add related words to it. These keywords will ideally relate to the videos you plan to create regularly.

If a viewer is interested in a specific content genre or is looking for something specific and types the keyword into a YouTube search, your channel can pop up.

Create a channel trailer

Creating a channel trailer for your YouTube channel is advised because it's the first thing potential subscribers will see when they arrive at your channel. 

After you've captured their attention with an eye-catching thumbnail, you want to keep them watching with a trailer that explains what they can expect to see in your videos.

Promote your other social media accounts

While YouTube is amazing, it is also a smart idea for any YouTuber to promote their other social media accounts on their channel.

It's a good idea because if they subscribe to your other social media accounts, they have another way to get notified of your new content.

Include call-to-actions for your YouTube channel

A call to action is a request that asks the audience to do something. When your channel uses these, you tell your audience what they can do if they like your content and where to do it.

They will help direct your viewers to engage with you on other channels, such as your website or other social media sites, which in turn allows you to build your audience.

Creating a content strategy for your YouTube channel

You can use different types of videos on YouTube as part of your overall content marketing strategy. The key is knowing what types of videos you should be using and how you can use them effectively as part of your strategy.

Here are a few tips to craft a solid content strategy for your YouTube channel:

Define your goals

Your YouTube content strategy should be informed by your goals like any other marketing channel. A YouTube content strategy aims to define what you want your YouTube channel to accomplish.

It's essential to define these goals before you create your videos and periodically check back in with them to make sure that you're on the right track. In addition, it will help you focus your video content creation efforts and guide your decision-making process to determine what kind of videos to create, how often to create them, and where to distribute them.

Focus on your audience

Focusing on your audience is one of the most important things you can do to produce successful videos for your channel. 

When you're just starting, you'll have a limited window to make an impression on your viewers, so you need to make sure they will stick with you while you're building up your audience. 

When someone tunes in to see what you'll be posting in the future, they want to know that they'll be getting something fresh and new without being disappointed. You also want to give them a sense of continuity.

Create a content calendar

Why is creating a content calendar important to an effective YouTube content strategy? The answer is quite simple. A content calendar will help you stay organized and remain consistent with your video uploads. This means that your viewers will be able to tune in regularly, but more importantly, you are more likely to grow your channel faster.

Effectively executing your YouTube content strategy

Good execution is key to successful YouTube marketing. 

While you can have great ideas and have a very clever marketing campaign planned for YouTube, viewers will tune out if the videos don't look good and aren't presented effectively. On the other hand, if you take the time to perfect your production value, even a relatively simple idea could resonate with users and go viral.

Tips for creating YouTube videos

Here are a few valuable tips for creating your videos.

Start with a video outline

Using an outline-first approach will help you think through your content more thoroughly and save you time when you're producing your actual video.

Write a good intro

The first few seconds of a video are the most crucial because they can be the difference between an audience staying and one just leaving. Therefore, the stronger these first few seconds are, the better chance you have of keeping your audience engaged.

Include clear call-to-action

It's vital to include a call-to-action in your YouTube videos. A call-to-action (or CTA) is simply an instruction to the viewer that tells them what you want them to do next. This CTA could be anything from subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, or buying a product. The video itself, the description below, or even an interactive element over the video can include calls-to-action.

 Regardless of where they appear, they should always be clear and concise.

Use storytelling 

Storytelling is paramount in YouTube videos because it helps you connect with your target audience at a deeper level. Good stories have the power to change people's minds or at least influence how they see the world.

Record with clear audio

When you create YouTube videos, it is essential to have clear audio. Unfortunately, many people ignore the audio quality in their videos because they think it doesn't matter. But it does! No one wants to watch a video with bad sound quality or is hard to hear.

Keep it concise

As you start to build your YouTube channel, you may be tempted to include as much information in your videos as possible. But there's an important reason why you should keep your video short. Keeping your videos short and to the point is a great way to keep people's attention, especially if you have a channel covering varied topics.

Tips to optimize your YouTube videos

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your YouTube videos, most of which you can do within YouTube Studio, which is where you can manage your videos and channel.

Make a catchy thumbnail

One way to help users find your videos is by using an eye-catching thumbnail. An attractive thumbnail and associated title copy immediately grab your attention and make you want to watch the video, even if you're not looking for it. The thumbnail should send out a message that speaks directly to the viewer's interests and tells them right away what kind of content they will get after clicking play. 

Optimize your title and description with keywords

You should optimize your YouTube video title and description with keywords because it helps people find your video. When you optimize your video for YouTube's search engine, it will be more likely to appear in the top results for a given keyword. This means that more people will view it, and you will get more subscribers. It also helps you rank higher on Google since it also indexes YouTube videos.

Add videos to a playlist

Adding your video to a playlist in your YouTube Studio will get it in front of more people. Instead of just one viewer watching your content, you could have more views because all videos are played automatically when they are in a playlist. Your video also has the chance to be recommended on other playlists and channels as well.

Use end screens

Add an end screen to your YouTube video to promote other videos, playlists, or channels at the end. End screens are interactive elements that appear at the end of your video. They can encourage viewers to watch more of your videos or subscribe to your channel.

Utilize video chapters

Video chapters are time stamp markers within a video that allows viewers to quickly click and jump from one specific part of the video to another.

Set up video chapters for a better user experience, especially when making educational videos. It's like clicking in a table of contents to find what you want in a blog post, but for videos.

These tips are best practices for YouTube SEO (search engine optimization) to increase your YouTube subscribers and help your social media marketing strategy.

Leveraging influencers to augment your YouTube marketing

If you're trying to make your YouTube marketing strategy more effective, you might want to consider influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to gain new subscribers and increase engagement with your existing audience.

Choosing the right influencers can help your content go viral and lead to even more exposure for your brand. The best part about the process is that it doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you're willing to take the time to research some of the smaller influencers who are likely looking for new partnerships.

Wrapping up

When it comes to marketing, companies often focus on the platforms that have been around for a long time. Because of this, many businesses overlook YouTube as a tool for reaching out to their audience.

But don't be fooled: YouTube has a lot to offer.

YouTube has grown into the second largest search engine globally, and its two billion monthly logged-in users watch millions of hours of video every day.

With the right YouTube marketing strategy for your business and a solid execution plan, you could tap into the market potential of this highly engaged audience.

We hope that after this read, you feel confident about adding YouTube to your marketing channel mix.

Happy video marketing on YouTube!

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