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The Best Way to Write a Recurring Email Newsletter

Justin Zack
November 20, 2022

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Tired of having to sit down and write a whole new email newsletter every week?

It helps to have a template or guidepost as a starting point.

In this post, you’ll learn how to craft a weekly email newsletter using the CopyAI Recurring Email Newsletter Template.

Templates provide structure by helping you organize your thoughts while keeping your focus on the most important bits of information. This allows you both to save time and ensure that every newsletter is concise and well-written.

Using specific templates, or even creating a single template that works for any email newsletter you write, makes writing newsletters simpler because all the thinking has been done for you in advance. You'll never feel stuck because everything will be laid out step-by-step in a logical order. 

Just fill in the blanks with your content, tweak things as needed – and voila! You've written an engaging email newsletter that fits within your brand voice and follows best practices for formatting.

Here are six tips to help get you started with your newsletter.

Tip # 1 - Make an outline with a title, an introduction, and several sections of content.

The more you repeat the same structure each time, the less time it will take for you to write your newsletter. The basic structure of an email newsletter is pretty simple:

  • A catchy title that introduces your topic
  • An introduction that lets the reader know what they're getting themselves into
  • Sections of content where readers can find out more - this could be anything from recent blog posts or articles related to your topic all the way up through industry insights from experts in the field!

⭕  From the CopyAI desktop, click on “Templates” and then select “Email” to see a list of available email templates.  

⭕  Choose “Recurring Email Newsletter” to start with a fill-in-the-blank template. Select “Update Current Project”  to see the template in the “Freestyle” tool. 

⭕  Consider each “Key Point” a section or topic for your newsletter.  You can also add additional context to your input like “Who this is for” and what the “purpose of the email” is.

⭕  Choose a “Tone” and click “Create Copy”!


Tip # 2 - Make each section serve a purpose, to keep your writing clear.

Imagine the things you might want to share with your newsletter readers. What kind of content would be most useful? What would they be interested in? 

Some ideas that come to mind are: links to blog posts, a roundup of interesting articles or tools, a list of upcoming events, a featured story or anecdote, interviews with people in your field, photos and inspiration. 

Organize those ideas into logical sections so that you can split up the content.

Let's say you're writing a weekly newsletter about mindset. You could create a template that looks something like this:

  • Inspiring story of the week
  • Growth tip of the week
  • Five interesting and inspiring articles

Create an outline in the CopyAI editor and drop relevant outputs from each copy generation under each category.  

Tip # 3 - Use headings to make your content easier to skim.

Include headings so that it's easy for readers to see what each section is about and quickly skim through it if they're busy.  Use clear and short headings, as well as keywords and keyphrases where possible.

Tip #4 - Use images to break up text and add interest, but not too many photos or videos.

Including images in your recurring newsletter is a great way to break up text and add visual interest. 

Images that help illustrate a point you're making, such as examples,, are generally a good idea. Don't use an image just for the sake of having one – make sure it adds something useful to the page. Be wary of weird images that don't match the content.  

Clear over clever.

In the editor, you can insert an image link into your draft copy.

Tip # 5 - Keep paragraphs short - 4 sentences or fewer is best.

Your newsletter reader is a busy person. 

They might be reading your email on the subway or on their phone while they're waiting in line to pick up their kids at school. Don't make things harder for them by presenting them with a long block of text. 

Your paragraphs should be broken up into 4-5 sentences, maximum. This makes it easier for your reader to scan through and pull out the information they need quickly.

Tip #6 - Use links to important pages on your website or other useful websites where readers can find more information instead of repeating yourself in the newsletter.

This makes your content more interesting for readers, because you can present the same information in lots of different ways. For example, if a news story has happened this week that relates to something in your newsletter theme, then you could talk about that news story in the newsletter and link to the newspaper article about it. 

Following a template will make writing the newsletter faster and simpler.

If you want to write a consistent newsletter, you need to have a plan in place. A template makes it more likely you'll get the newsletter out on schedule, and provides a simple structure for writing a great recurring newsletter each time. 

Creating a template will help make sure you don't forget anything important and that your newsletter stays consistently structured. It also has other benefits: if you're always linking to the same types of content, readers will learn what kind of content they can expect in your next email and be even more excited to receive it.

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