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Complete Guide to Personalization in Sales Outreach Emails

Aquibur Rahman

June 15, 2022

You cannot avoid the importance of the first outreach email for increasing your sales in the email campaign. But how can you move out from the crowd and evoke a meaningful and personalized response?

Personalizing the emails for prospects and clients can get you the results you want from your email marketing strategy. As a result, you can engage prospects and drive them toward action, leading to a successful lead prospecting strategy in your sales outreach emails. 

Although you cannot personalize every email with great accuracy, you can add a few elements that are enough to spark interest.  

To get you in the right direction, here is the complete guide to email personalization for sales outreach emails that would help you drive your sales and enhance overall lead generation efforts.


Focus on a mutual connection

Research conducted by Epsilon shows that 80 percent of clients prefer to buy when provided with a tailored experience.

Emails go unnoticed because of the big disconnect between prospective customers and the company. However, you can bridge this gap by engaging in shared connections.It is one of the sources for building trust and word-of-mouth promotion.

Moreover, strategizing your outreach campaign around common ideas and problems is a perfect way to build meaningful relationships with prospects. With the help of a shared connection, you do not remain a stranger to them, and your email doesn’t look unknown anymore.

Most importantly, it is psychologically proven because your prospect trusts you better, as they can easily relate to you, making them more likely to respond.

But how can you find a mutual connection? 

  • You can do so by leveraging social media as per your needs. 
  • You can search for your prospects’ profiles to help you find a shared connection to mention in your emails. For example, common profiles you find inspirational on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Talk about how your product or service can affect their hobbies and interests.
  • Reach out to influencers in your niche and use their audience as leads.


Personalizing based on your  prospect’s current technology

Knowing your prospects’ technological needs would greatly help you cater to the needs of your target email segments. You can ask them about these directly or go deeper into what email platform, tools, or messaging apps they use at the moment.

This technique is especially used by SaaS platforms providing downloadable services.For example, software download sites verify the operating system model and provide the software accordingly. 

You can use tools such as Builtwith and Datanyze that help you crawl an entire website’s tech stack and list all the platforms and software used on their site. It will give you a complete idea of their current priorities and requirements.

Moreover, you can also find out if they use the tools of competitors and leverage this data to give your prospectives a better deal.

It will further help you identify the functions and processes that could provide a possible solution. So, all you need to do is personalize your emails around those pain points and position your services as the perfect solution they need.


Compliment your prospectives

Giving compliments is a sure-shot way to build a close relationship with your prospects. Physiological studies have proved that a meaningful compliment can trigger a similar reaction to receiving money in the recipient’s brain.

Reading an email that offers praise may push the reader to like you, and that’s how you can get them on the path to taking an interest in your services.

You can check out the following examples of how to go about being genuine with complements and keeping within a professional context:

Seminars and blogs

If your prospectives gave a presentation in a seminar or published an article that you found interesting, then make sure you let them know what you liked.


If your prospects have achieved any recognition in their field, you can use that in your email.

Leader in their field

If your potential clients are leaders in their fields, express your admiration for them in your email.


Personalize around prospects’ interests

But how can you know what your clients’ interests are? Leverage the power of social media, where you can find crucial information about their interests and preferences. Browse through their social media profiles to help you understand.

Furthermore, look for their recent activities by finding their comments, posts, and mentions, which can help you determine what your prospects like and dislike. It would help you in finding shared connections.

As per SmarterHQ research, 72% of customers prefer those marketing messages tailored to their specific interests.

Although it’s apparent that data-driven personalization is pertinent for marketers, 63% of them consider it the most challenging strategy to execute. However, it is best to make an outstanding first impression and build a trustworthy relationship with your prospects via email.


Hyper-personalize your emails

You can not use hyper-personalized emails  on a larger scale of cold email outreach. Email personalization  needs enormous preparation and qualified research to ensure that you tailor your message with great accuracy and make it relatable to a particular prospect.

Therefore, it would make sense to do a personalized video or email  with top-tier prospects with high-value offers, which contribute a chunk of percentage to your total revenue.

Give considerable time to think about why you should reach out to them and give a brief about their goals, company size, the prospect’s role, the latest organizational developments, etc.

Moreover, comprehensively explain how your product can solve their existing problems with proper proofs, case studies, and insights to establish your firm’s credibility.


Avoid spammy content

Imagine how you would feel when you open an email with the subject line, “Guess what we have in store for you!” from an unknown sender? Not a good impression, right?

The power words you used in your subject lines with the wrong context could land your email in spam. Moreover, getting rid of spammy content in your email does not only include subject lines. It also means avoiding these:

  • Pictures that are of bad quality or irrelevant to the content. Gifs and images can add character to your mail when used right.
  • Hyperlinks already look suspicious to a receiver. But one way to use them is by mentioning exactly where the link will lead the user.
  • Exclamation points!!! They can make your email look unprofessional. Even when using exclamation marks, try not to use multiple signs at once.
  • All caps like HELLO DAVID. In the internet language, capital letters are used to represent shouting. They give spammy vibes, and very few people will open the mail when used in the subject line.



Verify your services on the email

It is crucial in your email campaign to clean and verify your email list. Otherwise, it might damage your email sender’s reputation, creating bigger problems in the long run because the impression is the only thing that matters.

You can easily integrate email cleaning and verification tools into your cold emailing process. Following are the ways you can do the same:

  • Verifying emails at the point of entry, when someone submits their email id to your website. You can do a double verification to make sure the details given by the user are correct, and they want your services.
  • Syncing email cleaning with your CRM platforms and marketing automation tools.

It will tremendously improve the accuracy of personalization in your email campaigns.

Create meaningful CTAs

Maybe your end goal is to book a meeting or drive the prospect to buy the product or service of your company. Instead of asking for the same, consider substituting it for a meaningful Call to Action that could pique your prospect’s interest. It might include:

  • Register for a relevant webinar.
  • Download a persona-based piece of content like an ebook, blog post, or podcast episode.
  • Visit a landing page on your company’s website.

To make your emails more impactful, use interactive elements inside your email instead of static button CTAs. 

Instead of a link, add a form that lets your prospect register for the webinar. Or, if it’s a demo meeting you’re trying to book, add a calendar widget. Your prospects will appreciate the reduced number of steps as they can complete the action inside the email itself. 

With a no-code tool like Mailmodo, non-tech professionals in sales and marketing can also build interactive emails using a simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Do proper research on prospectives

The more information you have about your prospects, the more you can personalize your outreach. You should look for:

  • Geography: Where is your prospect based?
  • Size of their company and their department?
  • Industry: What industry are they?
  • Technology: What technology does your prospect use?
  • Revenue: How much money does the company make yearly?


With the help of these specific details, you can create tailored content for your initial outreach, which would help you distinguish your personalized email from all the other impersonal ones. In addition, you can streamline the process of finding the information with B2B intelligence tools. For example, Leadfeeder is a great tool that lists companies visiting your website even if they don’t fill out any forms. You can also use to find emails of interested people from your niche.

Stick to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

As history says, the best response rate comes from reaching out to the best prospects who are really in need of that product. That is why it’s crucial to maintain your Ideal Customer Profile.

You can do this by using filter software that can help you build your ICP. Doing this can help your company increase overall ROI and reduce customer churn.

Although the market updates constantly, using a good B2B intelligence tool can ensure when there are updates in the market, keeping your outreach updated, relevant, and as personalized as possible. Personalization becomes simpler and less time-consuming when the brand is aware of its buyer persona. As a result, emails can be more targeted and have a higher conversion rate. 

Personalize based on trigger events

Certain events can disrupt businesses that you can leverage as an opportunity. Such events are called trigger events.

If used timely, these events provide the sales representative to reach out to the prospects with a personalized email around the trigger event.

Here are a few sample trigger events:

New hires at the top of the company.

A significant decision from the competitor.

New round of funding.

This is an effective strategy because you are reaching out to the prospects when they need your services the most.


Wrapping Up

You can build meaningful and unique relationships with your clients and prospects by applying a targeted, segmented, and personalized email marketing strategy. Therefore, they will interact and engage with your brand and content even more. You can explore some of these email personalization practices to enhance your response, click, open, and engagement rates.


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