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How to Create a Successful SaaS Content Marketing Funnel?

Dhruv Mehta

June 27, 2022

The success of a Software as a service (SaaS) marketing funnel lies in its power to stop the audience from being interested in what they are currently passionate about and move to what you have to offer them. It isn't surprising that over 98% of SaaS brands use content to reach out to their audience, making it necessary to stand out. But standing out does not mean catering to all but to a select audience with valuable and in-depth content that propagates your brand. 

In this guide, you will find 7 ways to optimize your content marketing funnel with content marketing examples to help you consistently drive traffic to generate leads and conversions to increase your sales volume without further paid promotions.

Today, a customer does not just step into a store to buy a product. He educates himself about the product or service by comparing quality, price, etc., before making his purchase decision. That makes content marketing necessary.

SaaS content marketing strategy draws the route a purchaser takes before buying. It is like walking with the customer in his purchase journey, coaxing him with information at the appropriate time to drive sales.

Seven Steps for a Successful Content Marketing Funnel and Excellent Content Marketing Metrics

Know your objectives before creating content, and that knowledge guides you in content marketing forms that suit your business. It can be frustrating if your content marketing strategy isn't deeply rooted in reality and channeled appropriately. We have curated seven steps for you to follow to convert your marketing funnel to be a powerful tool.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Identifying that your target audience accepts your product is an excellent starting point to help you find the focus of your marketing campaign. It will help decide the type of content to guide customers' purchase journeys.

A generic SaaS content market strategy may not hit the mark because SaaS buyers differ in goals and needs. That is reason enough for Saas content marketing strategist to dig deep through research to understand the target audience and analyze the market.

They can do so by drafting a checklist that answers their questions concerning:

  • Whom to target (individual or corporate buyers)?
  • What is their income range, gender, age and brand, and product preferences
  • Know their interests by the sites they visit and the profiles they follow on social media
  • Learn more about their interest by identifying the trade associations to which they belong and their favorite trade shows

You could use Google analytics to get answers to your above questions and a guide for appropriate content marketing campaigns. QuickSprout, Cloohawk, Audiense, and AgoraPulse are other tools to help you grow or find the audience's concerns.

2. Perform Keyword Research For Every Funnel Stage

Proper SEO implementation in your content marketing strategy will get you lots of traffic, but how will that help you if no one buys from you? The whole intention of marketing is to bring in an audience and induce them to buy. 

One reason for zero sales could be they were just checking prices or comparing features, which is why they left without buying, or it could be a bigger problem—they did not find what they came for. That's a clear indication of improper keyword research.

The mistake most people commit is setting the keywords depending on the estimated search volume compared to the competition. Such a methodology will drive massive traffic to your site, but there are no guarantees that it will affect conversions.

The solution is to relate the keywords found by comparing the estimated search volume with competition to the buyer's purchase journey in four stages —awareness, interest, desire, and action. Use appropriate keywords at every step of the funnel to spike the interest of the audience and lure them to stay on through every phase of their journey until they finally buy the product.  


3. Evaluate Your Existing Content

Before loading new content topics on your Content marketing calendar, go to your web pages and check your existing content. For all you know, it could still be of value to your audience and an excellent strategy to create awareness and generate new leads

Get the content writer to tweak it to help you gently but surely nudge your prospective customer in their journey toward purchasing your product. It could also provide you with the right platform to generate content that educates the customer as it builds trust and gives credibility to your brand. 

Rewrite, elaborate, realign or edit existing content with relevant keywords to enhance your content marketing metrics. Before mapping out content on your editorial content marketing calendar, use the all pages report features from Google Analytics to display pages with the maximum hits, as seen in the image below.


It helps you find website pages on the existing content that worked well for your brand. Perform keyword research to check if it fits your content marketing funnel and incorporates it in the right place to attract visitors who are sure to convert to leads.

4. Create Top Of Funnel (Tofu) Content To Create Awareness

Generate high-quality content at the top of the funnel to rope in new leads. Although one cannot completely rule out sales at the Tofu stage, there could be a few rare possibilities when buyers get directly into action and purchase the product. 

The reason is that the visitors at the tofu stage are at the start of their purchase journey and only want information about the product and don't intend to purchase yet. The trick is to target the audience by publishing valuable content via blogs or posts on your marketing website or social media to encourage them to stay on.

At this point, the valuable content that the audience could be looking for could be a solution to their pain points, while content that explains the product and its features may not hold their interest. 


Here is how to generate tofu content to help you succeed in your SAAS content marketing strategy.

  1. Use pain-points-related keywords with high search volume to draw them to your site.
  2. Provide articles with step-by-step instructions to convince them that your product addresses their issues.
  3. The visitors will automatically become your email subscribers if you have a lead magnet on your website.

5. Work On Middle Of The Funnel (Mofu) Content For Lead Generation

Once you have driven sufficient traffic with Tofu content, establish a long-term relationship with your audience with Mofu Content. Mofu content should convince the buyer that the product satisfies all his needs and eliminates their pain points.

You could use market intelligence tools like Ahrefs to help you to include pricing information to guide buyers in their purchase decisions. 

One of the best ways of lead conversions is through E-books, which you can distribute to your visitors turned email subscribers via email and add case studies to impact and use an apt title to entice them. Use keywords they are sure to search to get new leads.

You can then distribute the e-book to your visitors turned subscribers via email. But first, verify email addresses if you don't want to be blacklisted or send emails that are sure to bounce because of non-existing email IDs. 

Such verification will ensure the deliverability of emails and enable higher lead generation because of subscribers' high response rate. How-to guides are your best bets here.


6. Create Bottom Of The Funnel (Bofu) Content To Close Sales Deals

At this stage, you can deal more directly with your prospective customers as they make inquiries by direct emails or other modes of personal interactions.. First, mark your content marketing calendar with high-value content that will move the buyer to the end of their purchase journey, i.e., buying the product.  

Create Bofu content that conveys a direct sales pitch by sharing testimonials, hard-to-resist customer service, ROI, and the beneficial features of the product. 

An exciting method to encourage customers to close deals and avoid churn is to include recommendations at the BOFU stage in the content marketing funnel.


7. Monitor And Optimize Your Content Marketing Funnel

Don't let the ups and downs deter you as you begin your content marketing journey. Monitor and optimize your content marketing metrics by checking the performance of each level in the funnel. Check if TOFU SaaS marketing content gives you the desired traffic that MOFU content converts to email subscribers and leads.

Keep a close watch to know if the content at each level is doing its job. If not, work on improvising it or pushing it lower in your funnel and check if it works there. Alternatively, use a combination of marketing strategies to help your content deliver the desired results.

Examples Of SaaS Companies Having Optimized the Content Marketing Funnel

Learn how the following Content marketing examples optimize your funnel to get the desired content marketing metrics. 

1. Databox

Databox believes in using the ideas of many, so it has over 3500 content writers to provide them with engaging and educative content. The testimonials from the actual users of Databox are valuable lessons for those who wish to learn. These are Databox's monthly metrics are:

  • More than 100 paid customers
  • 4000 new users for their free product
  • Over 100k sessions


2. GrooveHQ

Another practical Content marketing example is GrooveHQ. They made no attempts to hide its metrics which are as follows:

  • GrooveHQ's traffic rose to 250,000 (monthly)
  • GrooveHQ's revenue grew by $5M (annual) in just three years
  • Six of GrooveHQ's 12 highly linked pages are case studies

But how did GrooveHQ get there?

They changed the content marketing goals to reflect audience goals.


3. Square

Square works to establish its solution as the best one available, with content focusing on conversion in diverse niches and forms. Among all the modern content marketing techniques, video marketing is gaining momentum, and Square picked it up to build trust and long-term relationships with their clients.

As per a case study, Square hit it big by incorporating video into their marketing with a 3–second testimonial video with their client Danny explaining how profitable it is for him to use Square's credit card processing services. Although the video is not cinematic, it leaves no stone unturned in convincing the viewers that Square is the solution for them.



You now have all information to create a successful SaaS content marketing funnel; use the information to optimize your content marketing efforts. The seven steps of the content marketing funnel will boost your content marketing metrics as automation replaces manual labor and reduces workload. Make inclusions to the content marketing calendar at each stage of your marketing funnel to maximize ROI, and optimize lead acquisitions and conversions.

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