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Why Repurposing Content is Essential to Your Business' SEO Strategy

Ioana Wilkinson
November 20, 2022

SEO is a job in and of itself. 

From planning topics to researching keywords to embedding links to measuring performance, there’s a lot to do. 

Because here’s the deal with SEO …

It needs a vigorous strategy. 

SEO can’t survive off mere internal links and a few quality blog posts. To see real results, SEO requires a web of intentional practices and consistency

And that’s where repurposing content comes in. 

Repurposing content is the magic your SEO strategy has been missing. 


Because when you repurpose content, you’re breathing new life into what would’ve been a stand-alone product. 

In other words, you’re covering more land. You’re reaching more people. And you’re building your reputation. 

Can repurposing content really help you do all of that?

Yes, it can. 

Let’s take a look at five core reasons why repurposing content is essential to your business’ SEO strategy.

1. Relieves pressure off your marketing team so you can show up consistently 

SEO thrives off consistency. 

And it makes sense if you think about it. 

How can Google and other search engines trust that you’re sharing authoritative content if you show up haphazardly? 

How can your audience trust your word if you show up one month and skip out the next?

But here’s the deal with consistency … 

It’s not easy. 

Consistency requires:

  • A well-trained marketing team
  • A well-planned content schedule
  • Reliable tools for content planning, producing, and publishing
  • A marketing team that’s committed to producing content on a set schedule 
  • The right strategy 
  • Motivation, tenacity, and vigor 

And here’s the other difficult part: SEO needs consistency, but even the best marketing teams experience burnout. 

So how can you become a reliable, consistent source of information without wearing out your team?

You repurpose your content. Ta-da! It’s all coming together. 

By repurposing your content you can make the most of your team’s efforts, alleviate pressure that contributes to burnout, and show up consistently — all while producing stellar content.

2. Expands your reach and boosts domain authority 

If you’re looking to boost virality and enhance your domain authority (DA), then you’re in luck because repurposing content can help you do both. 

Imagine this … 

You own a SaaS business famous for its meal planning app, and your team has just created an engaging blog post featuring Fall recipes. 

The article is called “64 Fall Recipes Your Grandma Won’t Share With Anyone” and you know it’s going to be a hit. 

Not only did five of your best writers collaborate on the article, but you also scored beloved recipes from grandmothers all over the country.

But you don’t just stop at posting the article on your company blog.

Instead, you turn one article into an endless SEO machine by: 

  • Recording a video highlighting the top ten recipes and posting it on your company’s YouTube channel
  • Using a photo editing tool to create a captivating carousel on your Instagram page 
  • Heading to Adobe InDesign to create recipe infographics to post on Facebook over the next month 
  • Shamelessly bragging about your latest post to your email subscribers 
  • Guest posting on reputable food blogs that allow do-follow links to your new article 

Image Source

See what you just did there? 

You turned a single piece of content into SEO mastery. 

Brilliant right? 

By repurposing your content on other channels, you can: 

Boost your content’s share quality potential 

When you repurpose content you automatically boost its share quality — well, as long as it’s good, that is. 

Online users love sharing interesting and helpful content, so the more you put out there, the more chances you have of getting your content shared. Hello, backlink potential galore.

The most basic form of repurposing content is simply rewriting it with different words or putting it into another format (like turning an article into an infographic). 

But a more advanced form of repurposing includes creating videos from articles or turning blog posts into Twitter threads, which also increases the share quality potential. 

Increase your chance of scoring valuable brand mentions

And speaking of boosting share quality, when people share your content they might tag your brand name or share a link to your site. 

With a social listening tool in tow, you can gather these brand mentions and repurpose them as social proof in your marketing campaigns. 

Grow your email list with more opt-in opportunities 

More content also gives you endless opportunities to grow your email list

Add opt-in links throughout your repurposed content or set aside your original content for subscribers only. 

Increase your brand authority 

It’s simple, the more quality content you have, the easier it is for search engines to consider you a reliable, trusted source. This inevitably increases your DA score.

3. Enhances your marketing and SEO skillset

SEO is a skill set that needs constant nurturing — even when you think you’ve mastered it, there’s still more to learn. 

That’s because SEO changes. 

Search engines vary their algorithms, consumer preferences change, and information gets stale. 

That’s why it’s essential to:

  • Go straight to the source to learn what Google and its competitors are looking for
  • Keep a close eye on your target audience’s consumer preferences, behavior, and buying patterns
  • Keep your information and data sets up to date — i.e., refresh outdated statistics and old data
  • Attend SEO training, read books, and study up on new strategies that work
  • Lock arms with SEO experts in your organization and on LinkedIn 
  • Sign up for SEO newsletters, content, and online magazines 
  • And … drumroll, please … repurpose your content 

Repurposing content plays a key role in expanding your marketing and SEO skill set. 

Not only does repurposing help you reinforce the knowledge you already have, but it also:

  • Encourages you to get more familiar with diverse content forms 
  • Helps you learn how to curate content for multiple marketing channels 
  • Gives you key insights into the content that performs best and why 
  • Helps you practice using a variety of marketing tools 
  • Encourages you to flex your creative muscles 
  • Helps you understand audiences across multiple channels 

4. Helps establish your business as a thought leader 

There's nothing that helps establish your business as a thought leader more than posting content related to the same subject matter. 

And that's the other beautiful thing about repurposing content. You end up niching down and becoming an expert in your field. 

Image Source

Suddenly one article becomes a powerhouse for building a strong reputation and credibility for your brand. Because that one article spreads into multiple content forms on a variety of marketing channels and therefore becomes … multidimensional. 

Multidimensional, yet still topic-specific. 

See where we’re going with this?

Let’s illustrate this a bit further. 

Have you ever seen a piece of content, engaged with it, and then the next thing you know, the author of that content keeps popping up on every channel you visit? 

As an SEO guru, you know what’s going on. But as a consumer, you’re probably thinking that you’re seeing information by the same author because they’re trustworthy. 

In other words, the more quality content you have across multiple channels, the more your audience will like and trust you. 

It’s the simple formula of:

Quality content in a core niche + consistency + repurposing = more eyes on your content and more trust. 

5. Provides valuable performance insights 

And finally, repurposing content can help you get your hands on valuable performance insights

When you repurpose something, you can get a closer look at how it performs across multiple channels.

For instance, you might find that your infographic on How To Start A Side Hustle performs better as a video. Or you might find that your most recent email newsletter on The Best Project Management Software Tools performs better as an Instagram Reel.

Whatever the case may be, repurposing gives you the chance to course-correct so you can create content that converts.

Wrap up 

If you’ve made it this far, then you know how essential repurposing content is for your business’ SEO strategy. 

So, build it into your content batching process, choose dedicated publishing slots on your calendar, and be sure to train your team on the importance of repurposing.

And that’s it for today. We hope this article has inspired you to make the most of your content marketing efforts. 

For good measure, here’s a quick recap of the points we shared today. 

  • 1. Relieves pressure off your marketing team so you can show up consistently 
  • 2. Expands your reach and boosts domain authority 
  • 3. Enhances your marketing and SEO skillset 
  • 4. Helps establish your business as a thought leader
  • 5. Provides valuable performance insights

Psssst … need more actionable advice for your business? Then you’ll love our blog! Head over for more tips like these.

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