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Out-content the competition with this 5-minute workflow

Justin Zack

June 2, 2022

Making great content is the best way to show up online as an expert in your field, but producing that content regularly is no easy feat.

The good news? You don't have to do all of that work on your own.

When you go through this 5-minute creative workflow with, you'll see how easy it can be to create engaging content from already successful pieces. And with this process in hand, you'll never be at a loss for great content.

Let's say you're a business owner working to build credibility in your field. You probably already have the knowledge—you just don't know the best way to present it and share it with your audience.

Follow these steps to get going:

First, find something you're proud to have written on the topic. Don't limit yourself to blogs or social posts. This could be anything you've written, whether an internal memo, email to a business partner, or even a text you sent to a friend!

You can also look for interesting posts on Quora or Reddit, or even find posts from a brand you admire, that discuss your topic in detail.

Next, take that content, whatever it may be, and start breaking it down into a bulleted list of all the ideas it discusses as well as any other relevant ideas that come to your mind. Once you've run out of things to add to the list, start reordering or grouping bullets together however you see fit. You can group similar or dissimilar ideas. How you group these ideas doesn't really matter, so long as these groupings pique your interest.

Then, copy one of those groups of bullets, paste it into the Freestyle tool, and tell the AI what you want it to do with these ideas.

Some example commands are:

  • Say this differently
  • Rewrite and expand on this
  • Rewrite this to sell my products or services
  • Explain what connects these ideas
  • Explain the differences between these ideas
  • Expand on this and turn it into an educational blog section

And, no matter the starting command, you can make simple tweaks that help repurpose the content across all your channels.

For example:

  • Expand the content into a Medium article.
  • Turn these ideas into four different Tweets.
  • Create a social media post around each of these ideas.
  • Summarize the takeaways for an educational LinkedIn post.
  • Repurpose this piece into a newsletter.

And off you go!

With a little ingenuity and the help of, you can take your existing content and make it work well on social media, blogs, and more. For inspiration and more insight, follow along with Andrew.

1,225 unique ways to repurpose your content

“It is my understanding that there would be no math.” - Chevy Chase, SNL

It’s ok, we did the math for you. So if you need a few (or 1,225) ideas for how to repurpose your content, we've got you covered with our Repurposing Idea Generator!

screenshot of the idea generator

New templates: party in the front, all business in the back

In case you missed it, we released some new templates this week - for fun and for business.

Give them a try and let us know if you land a gig writing country music in Nashville.

Create your custom template

The goal of our templates is to both save you time and deliver better results. But sometimes a template doesn't quite fit your needs. When this happens, we want you to experiment.

In Demo 68 Robert and Andrew used our existing templates as a framework for a new template to write 30 emails from scratch in one workday. And in Demo 71 Andrew turned the email template into an "educational tip" blog post template. THEN in Demo 72, Robert and Andrew reunite to make the template even better!

So now it's time to make your own custom template! It might take a few iterations to find your way, but once you find a framework that delivers, you can make subtle tweaks to repurpose it for consistently strong results, regardless of application.

Give it a try with the same template Robert and Andrew used and create something unique for your business today!

In the future, we hope to give you the ability to save and share your own templates, but until then, we've created this handy guide to get you started.  

If you find something that's working well for you, share it with us on Facebook, and we'll add it to the guide and possibly the app as well!

THANK YOU for sharing your work with us!

We love seeing our customers create great content and get results for their business.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Karina from Ontario changed her Amazon Ad tag line for her book Cloud~Named~Chloe and Her Cat Louey and increased sales!
  • Jenni from crushed a clear, compelling offer. Who wants a free social media audit?
  • Suprabhat wrote a great piece on the digital marketing skills that you won't learn in college. It's a good read for new freelancers.

Keep 'em coming!

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