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20 Middle of Funnel Content Ideas To Generate Leads

Bertha-Bellarmine Agoha
November 20, 2022

 A crucial aspect that business owners and marketers have to consider when selling their products is creating content that resonates with their audience.


One fantastic way to do this is to create content that meets your customers at their buying level.


Typically, the buyer's journey has four stages — top, middle, bottom, and retention. The middle-of-funnel stage is a consideration phase where you should shape the minds of your customers and convince them that your product meets their current needs.


Specifically,  middle-of-funnel content aims to inform and guide your leads to make a purchase. It should highlight your target audience's problems and offer solutions.  


We know that this kind of content can be challenging to come up with... So, we've curated 20 middle-of-funnel blog post examples to get you started.


Let's get right to it!

Resource pages

Often referred to as pillar pages, resource pages are an excellent way to provide additional information about a topic. They are often characterized by their in-depth content, external and internal links, and several keywords.


Resource pages fall into the middle-of-funnel content category because of the valuable and dynamic information they offer on specific topics.


Check out these examples:


1.      The Beginner's Guide to Link Building

This resource guide by Moz breaks down link building for beginners.

In 8 chapters, this article emphasizes the importance of link building and provides a detailed explanation of how it works, along with tips and tricks for getting started. 

2.      The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content

Great content is the key to your audience's heart! In 7 detailed parts, Iwillteachyoutoberich pulls insights from experts in the content marketing industry to teach the art of creating compelling posts.


3.      Content Repurposing Ideas: The Periodic Table of Content

With the effort that goes into creating amazing content, repurposing should always be a priority . In this piece, Orbit Media uses the periodic table format to show various unique ways to repurpose content.


Webinar recaps

While marketers favor webinars because of their many benefits, they can be time consuming for your audience.


And that's where webinar recaps come in.


As their name suggests, webinar recaps summarize webinars in a written format to accommodate audiences who would rather consume written information. 


Recaps are a great middle-of-funnel strategy because, in addition to providing detailed information through summarized highlights, they demonstrate subject matter expertise.


Here are some webinar recap examples:


4.      Webinar Recap: The Power of Influencer and Content Marketing

In this 3-step write-up, the marketing coordinator at Fintel Connect summarizes and breaks down the webinar into an introduction, considerations, and partnership benefits, then concludes with key takeaways. Written in an interview style, it gives you the feeling  of being present at the webinar.


5.      VentureBeat Webinar Recap: The Power of Creative

In this collaborative webinar between yellowHEAD and VentureBeat, they discuss the various ways  marketers can apply creative strategies to succeed. The webinar recap summarizes the perspectives of guest marketers across industries and highlights strategies and key takeaways. They also include a link to the webinar recording. 


6.      Webinar Recap: The Secrets to Agency Content Marketing Success

Everyone loves to be in on a good secret! And InfluenceandCo invited people to be part of one with this webinar. The recap highlights tips on making room for content marketing efforts in an organization.There's  text, a link to the video, and a slide deck that presents key points via short, punchy graphics. 


Survey results

You can glean fantastic insights by gathering specific data from a particular group. Survey results  provide strategic and relevant information needed to make informed decisions.


There are different categories and types of surveys, and their corresponding results provide a variety of benefits to your team. 


Obtaining survey results allows marketers and businesses to achieve multiple results with a single effort. By publishing survey results, business owners can better understand their target audience, and brands can position themselves as thought leaders in their fields.

The examples below shed more light on what this looks like:


7.      The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2022

Hubspot's extensive survey report shows marketing statistics across various categories including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, etc.

Through infographics, resources, and links, the post gives the reader all the numbers they need on the state of marketing for the year.


8.      Blogging Statistics: Survey of 1067 Bloggers Shows Which Content Strategies are Working in 2021

In Orbit Media's 8th annual blogging survey, they show the ever-changing blogging and marketing trends through text, charts, and numbers.

They asked 1067 bloggers and 12 experts questions about their processes and curated an in-depth survey post from the results.


9.      What Works And Doesn't Work In Content Marketing

In this survey result piece, TheSearchGuru answers the question on the lips of many business owners, “Areour content marketing efforts working?”.

The survey targeted 500+ B2B and B2C content marketing executives to understand the top three content marketing issues and provide actionable solutions.


Interview with experts

As we mentioned earlier, middle-of-funnel content should guide the reader from the consideration stage to making a purchase. And expert interview posts can help you achieve that.


By inviting experts and asking questions that reflect the concerns of your target audience, you will have their attention. Expert interview posts also improve reach as you'll be leveraging the audience of the experts to increase your own. 

Interviews can happen in person, via phone, or video. You can also send questions via email then expand on the answers to build a post. 


Some examples are:

10.   Romanian marketing expert Robert Katai explains how to get the most out of your content

In this 6-question interview with Robert Katai, Techcrunch discusses different ways to create content that offers value. Robert shares that a great way to maintain your audience's attention is through a combination of content strategy and positioning.


Based in Romania, Katai is a product manager and freelance content strategist known for his podcasts on content marketing.


11.   A Branding Expert Offers Five Major Marketing Tips for 2022

Often, you may decide to add the element of surprise to your posts by not including the expert's name in the heading. And this post by takes that approach.

In the interview, Dillon Kivo shares five marketing strategy tips that have worked over the years in the  dynamic digital world.

Dillon Kivo is an American entrepreneur, author, and branding expert.


12.   An Exclusive Interview with the Enterprising and Insightful Chaz Rodney Hatch

Through Business2community's strategic questions, this interview with Chaz Rodney provides insights that help business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. Drawing inspiration from experience, he shares lessons and knowledge to help business owners thrive.

Chaz Rodney owns multiple automobile dealerships across Arizona and New Mexico and represents the 3rd generation in the family business.


E-books and white papers

The terms white papers and e-books are often used interchangeably, but they serve different purposes.

E-books are typically broken into smaller bits, while white papers allow for a more profound and longer read. E-books are also visually heavy and casual, while white papers are more text-centric and formal.


However, both e-books and white papers are beneficial for generating high-quality leads. To decipher what content best suits your brand, find whatever motivates your audience.


Below are some examples:

13.   A Strategic Guide to Content Marketing for Business Growth

Parsely's guide takes its readers on an in-depth exploration of using content to grow businesses. It teaches how to use data to deliver relevant content to which your audience can relate. 


14.   Accelerate Your Buyer's Journey by Dynamically Curating Relevant Content

This white paper by Forrester Consulting is an extensive survey of marketing that resonates with buyers, and discusses how to get results from sales. The buyer's journey is a dynamic behavior that keeps changing over time, and surveys like this help you keep up with trends.


15.   The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer

The benefits of having a documented content marketing strategy are endless. This e-book by Content Institute answers 36 essential questions on content marketing to guide entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers. It explains that the most significant difference between a successful marketer and a non-successful marketer is a documented marketing strategy.


‘Why’ blog posts

'Why' blog posts  answer the question, “why?”. While some may begin with a 'why' question in the title, others answer readers' questions in the body of the article.


These types of posts can get tricky. They require you to anticipate the reader's questions and answer them. And that's why it's a great type of article in your potential buyer's journey.


Check out these examples of 'why' blog posts below:


16.   Why Social Media Is Important for Business Marketing

Although social media marketing is essential for business growth, not all businesses incorporate it. 

This article by Marketing Insider Group answers the question of why it’s important and highlights the relevance of social media through statistics and charts. 

17.   Why Small Businesses Need SEO in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an untapped revenue hub for many bloggers, small businesses, and marketers. 

This article by Web FX explains the benefits of incorporating SEO into a brand's marketing strategy and how to begin.


‘What’ blog posts

Like the 'why' blog posts, 'what' blog posts answer the question of 'what.' They provide insights, ideas, tools, and clarity on a specific subject.

When strategically written, they're a brilliant addition to your middle-of-funnel content — like a compass to guide your readers.

Some examples include:


18.   What Ecommerce Trends Will Define 2022?

The first quarter of every new year usually comes with uncertainty for business owners, bloggers, and marketers. And articles that predict trends, like this one from Semrush, are always a great way to either end the year or begin a new one.

This article highlights the e-commerce trends to look out for in 2022 and how to adapt.


19.   81 Marketing Tools and Software for Every Business & Budget

Although this article by Hubspot doesn't start with 'what,' it answers the question, ”What marketing tools and software do businesses need?”.


In a listicle format, this article shares categories of marketing tools and explains the tools in each category.


20.   Skills Every Content Marketer Should Have

Career marketing is a broad career path, and this article by Forbes explains what skills content marketers need to have.

 These skills give the individual an edge against their competition and make them better marketers.


It's time to create your middle-of-funnel content

To recap, middle-of-funnel content focuses on educating and guiding customers in the consideration stage. And it is arguably one of the most essential stages in the selling journey.


In this article, we’ve outlined 20 middle-of-funnel post examples to guide you and get you started. 

To begin, think about your target audience, your messaging objectives, and what problems your products can solve. You can even use our free blog topic generator to spark middle-of-funnel content ideas.


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