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Justin Zack
November 20, 2022

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A Simple CopyAI Hack To Draw out Creative Thought Leadership Ideas

If you want to be heard you have to differentiate yourself.

To differentiate yourself you have to think for yourself and understand what you want to offer to the world.

One way to explore your unique thoughts is by investigating them through journaling.

By journaling you can develop a way of thinking that allows you to see topics from different angles, which can help you keep your content fresh and help you offer new perspectives in your field.

One of the most popular ways to journal is through stream-of-consciousness writing — a technique that requires you to write down whatever comes into your mind without stopping or editing yourself.

The purpose is to get your thoughts out of your head so that you can see them more clearly.

This technique is extremely valuable when you are stuck feeling like you are staring down the barrel of an empty page. In fact, many popular creators talk about how the brain is like a faucet and that it needs to be primed to get the best ideas flowing. 

Now with CopyAI, you can mine your thoughts for creative inspiration and angles in 10 minutes using this simple journaling exercise to get unstuck when you are not sure where to begin.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Find a place where you can be without distractions for 10 minutes

Find a place where you can be completely alone and undisturbed. 

It might be your bedroom, your office, or a coffee shop. Just make sure that wherever you are, it's private enough that you feel comfortable letting your guard down, even if only temporarily.

Step 2: Open CopyAI and create a new project

Step 3: Write about whatever is on your mind for 5 minutes using the CopyAI editor

Write about whatever is on your mind for 5 minutes. Just let it all out — don't overthink it. Don't worry about spelling or grammar, just write.

This is not a timed test.  There are no rules — write whatever comes to mind, even if it seems disorganized or random or silly. 

You can even write nonsense words if that helps you get into the groove of writing without overthinking it. Don’t judge what you’re writing — just let it flow.

The simplest thing you can do is write about what you see or what you are feeling.  

For example, you might see a lamp in your office. Start by writing about the lamp, where you got it, who you were with etc.  

The point is to start with what you are thinking about at the moment and go with it.  You can even write, “I don’t know what to write”.  Just keep your fingers moving.

Once the muse starts to flow you can fold in some additional questions like

  • What do I think about that? 
  • Why do I think that way? 
  • If I keep thinking that, what might happen?

Here is an example of what this looked like for me:

Here’s the deal, you build trust with your knowledge and expertise by being transparent with what you are thinking about and the latest developments in your business.  

This exercise will help you get to the most transparent version of yourself.

Set a timer and go.

Step 4: Review and section into main ideas

Now go back and look at what you've written. 

Section off the sentences that stand out to you the most.  These will usually be the things you feel most strongly about.  Look for ties to your business and personal brand.

  • What is it that really jumped off the page? 
  • Is there a common theme that you're noticing? 
  • Is there something that's stressing you out right now?  
  • Where are you drawing upon the challenges and goals in your work?

Capture those ideas in the editor too. 

Then jot down any other ideas that spring to mind 

Step 5: Use the main ideas as input to the blog ideas tool

When you have someone helping you write, you are more likely to find something better than your original premise.

This is the magic of CopyAI. 

You bring your raw unfiltered thoughts and concepts to CopyAI. And CopyAI will help you turn those ideas into knowledge capital.

Copy the main ideas directly into the Blog Ideas tool and hit generate to see and endless stream of new ideas that you can use for your brand.

I chose the topic “Lessons learned from newsletters I read”

Step 6: Choose your favorite idea and write your post

Now that you have a list of your favorite ideas, use them to create content for your marketing channels. 

Create a blog post on one of those topics, send an email, share something on social media, etc.

You can see the final post I wrote on Medium here as a result of this exercise.

In Summary

It’s so easy to get stuck in our own heads when we’re ideating, whether it be for new products or services, blog posts, social media content, or working on your personal brand.

So use this simple six step journaling exercise to break out of that cycle and keep moving forward with your business by developing unique thought leadership content by drawing on the topics you are subconsciously  passionate about.

And remember, when you have someone helping you write, you are more likely to find something better than you started.

If you want to hear more about this idea, check out CopyAI Demo #60: Creative Writing To Grow Your Business and listen in on the conversation that Andrew and Austin had about this concept.

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