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CTA Tactics to Drive Clicks on Each Social Platform

Blake Emal

June 2, 2022

Social media has a massive influence over our lives—it dictates how we communicate with friends and family, learn about the news, and so on. It’s also a great place to do your marketing. Naturally, we look to it for what we could be buying.

But without any guidance, consumers on social may not know what action you want them to take, whether that’s visiting a sale page or purchasing an item—which leads to lost subscribers and sales. That’s why your social content needs a call-to-action or CTA, something that will influence your audience to go in the right direction (yours).

A great CTA creates a sense of urgency and is eye-catching, but you shouldn’t use identical CTAs across different social platforms because the platforms serve different audiences. In this article, we’ll break down the best tactics of CTAs on each social platform.

How to set up Instagram CTAs that get clicks

Because Instagram is a laid-back social platform, you'll your CTAs to be friendly, inviting, and spark a sense of curiosity in your followers.

Tease your followers for what's to come to get them excited, like a product drop happening soon. Sometimes companies will do "teasers" for a new product launch, a sale that is about to go live, or new content. There are all sorts of possibilities. A CTA might say something like, "Don't miss out on our new product launch tomorrow! Subscribe now." With that, followers gain a sense of curiosity to see what your new product is going to be.

Encourage your followers to tag their friends with incentives, like raffle entries or a discount. When they tag their friends, you get more followers, which translates to more potential customers. The Facebook CTA below states, “Tag someone you’d love to try this swing with.” This is an effective CTA because it invites followers to engage with your post and expose your page to more people.

Image source: Visual of the Earth Instagram

Use a splash of color to pull attention to your Instagram CTAs. The CTAs should be different from the background color in your Instagram stories, so the CTA stands out. The BoxyCharm Instagram story below includes a bright, colorful, fun background. In contrast, the CTA is white, so it stands out.

Image source: BoxyCharm Instagram

Direct followers to links in your bio. Instagram doesn't allow links in the photo descriptions, but you can place them in your bio. Tell followers in your photo descriptions to click your bio link to find more information on whatever it is you're featuring in your Instagram picture, whether that's a new product launch or event (example in the bio below).

Image source: And That’s the Tea Instagram

Along with compelling CTA text, brands drive action on Instagram with fun captions. For more on how to create a captivating Instagram caption, read our guide How to write great Instagram captions: Top tips + examples.

How to personalize Facebook ad CTAs for popularity

As of July of 2021, Facebook is still the most popular social platform globally. Therefore, you’ll need to personalize your CTAs to attract your target customer instead of trying to win the attention of every Facebook user.

Tailor your tone to your audience. For example, for a female teenage audience, you might show enthusiasm with an exclamation point. Your CTA could say something like, “To keep up with the latest fashion trends, subscribe now!” That way, the CTA is relatable to your target audience.

Support your product with social proof. Before encouraging a follower to take action, tell them the story of a customer who loves your product and how it has helped them. This testimonial will boost your brand’s credibility, so followers are more likely to follow your CTA. Plus, the story of one of your successful target customers will likely attract people who fit a similar profile.

Have a CTA button below the photo in a sponsored post. Your CTA will be easy to find, so leads and customers can learn more about what you’re offering.  

Image source: Justworks Facebook
Image source: Shopify Facebook

Overall, your CTAs need to be relatable, but you can’t really do that without knowing who your audience is. Luckily, you can figure out who your target demographic is by looking at your Facebook metrics. If you’re just starting out and you don’t know who your audience is, you can create a Facebook lookalike audience.

How to make LinkedIn CTAs professional

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social platform, so it makes sense that CTAs on this site should sound professional and credible. Here are a few tactics you can use to do just that.

Design your CTA to match your branding. If your logo is primarily green—like Cisco and Grammarly in the examples below—consider making your CTA button green as well. This consistency will make your LinkedIn content look professional. Just make sure you vary the background color of your post so the CTA sticks out.

Image source: Cisco LinkedIn
Image source: Grammarly LinkedIn

Support your product promotion with facts, expert quotes, and case studies. This evidence will add credibility to your LinkedIn post and encourage professionals to click the CTA that follows the promotion.

For more information on creating a compelling CTA for a LinkedIn post, check out our post How to set up and write effective LinkedIn text ads.

How to write YouTube CTAs that encourage more views

YouTube videos are already a very engaging medium because they’re a visual way to learn something new. Approximately 74% of adults in the United States have used YouTube as of September 2020, making YouTube an ideal place to get a lot of people to see your video and potentially take action with your CTAs.

Get your viewers to hit the subscribe button, as that’s the first YouTube CTA you should care about. If a customer or lead subscribes, they’ll be notified when you publish videos. A high number of subscribers can also help you rank higher on YouTube and receive more views. You’ll want to mention to your viewers to hit that subscribe button in a way that will speak to your audience. For example, if your audience is motivated by earning money, your CTA might say, “Don’t miss out on our other money-making videos—hit subscribe!”

Image Source: Babish Culinary Universe

Share your CTA with narration, so the CTA has more of a natural feel to it. Otherwise, if you just state your CTA, it could sound like a sales pitch. For example, it's very common to hear influencers say, "Hey, this company will give you 50% off your next purchase when you use my referral code, so go try it out!" as opposed to just saying, "Use my referral code" or "Try out our product," both of which, when simply stated at the end of a video, could sound like you're forcing your CTA in.

Include a CTA at the end of a video to effectively get your viewers to watch another video from the same channel. If someone's engaged enough with your video to watch it until the end, they're also likely to click through.

Use’s Video Call to Action tool to generate strong CTAs to use in your videos. For example, let's say you're making a video about selling Mary Kay. Plug in the video title and a description of the video, as we did below, and will generate numerous possibilities of YouTube CTAs that can be used in your video.

image.png has a feature where you can generate more CTAs similar to the ones you’ve already created. You can save your favorite CTAs, so you can use them later on. In addition, you can make alterations to the generated CTAs to create the perfect CTA for your YouTube video.

How to design engaging TikTok CTAs for more exposure

Dominated by Gen Z, TikTok is a fun, carefree social platform. Keep young followers engaged on TikTok by following these tips:

Make it fun. TikTok may be the only social platform you can get away with funny pet videos, epic fails, or edgy memes. Based on who your target demographic is, you could use different memes or trends to spike their interest. For example, if you’re target audience is gamers, then you could have a gaming meme in your video.

Tap into followers’ curiosity, so they’re motivated to find out more about your product or service. Ask a question in your CTA, like, "What would you do with this kind of technology?"

Include a Call-to-Action button in your video. A CTA button is a new and incredibly useful feature on TikTok. Generally, the descriptions at the bottom of the TikTok videos are hard to see because of their fine print. With a CTA button, you can clearly tell followers what they should do next.

Image source: TikTok

Pair your CTA with a trending hashtag to increase your views. #MakeADogsDay is trending, so Subaru made a series of videos inspired by this hashtag. The CTA for this series was asking for viewers to “Comment and show” how you can #MakeADogsDay.

Image source: TikTok

Experiment with the TikTok platform by posting short videos on your feed and see which ones get the most love. Once you find something your audience reacts well to, stick to that type of video and produce more videos similar to it. Having a strong CTA is a core aspect of how to get followers on TikTok.

Experiment with

You can’t predict how every follower on every platform will react to your content, so finding the best CTA for each platform takes experimentation. Try different messages, tones, and styles until you find what works. makes it easy to generate dozens of different CTAs with their video CTA tool. The tool doesn’t have to be used only for videos. You can make alterations to the CTAs generated to make them more specific for your use cases. is versatile and has a lot of different writing tools, such as a sentence rewriter or product descriptions, which can be useful for anyone doing their own marketing. Try AI writing for free today!

For more information on writing general CTAs, such as for emails and your website, refer to 5 CTA Placements (And How to Make the Most of Them).

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