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CopyAI: Copywriting Therapist

Justin Zack

June 2, 2022

Brand Therapy: How CopyAI can help you let go of fear and bring your brand to life

It's no secret that writing marketing copy can be intimidating.

This is especially true when the words you pen are used to communicate your personal brand.

The words you write about your brand are more than just words: they're the first impression of what you have to offer, and they can make or break a deal.

That's a lot of pressure!

It's hard enough to write for clients. And when it's about you, you have to deal with self-doubt and the resistance to say what you really want to say.

The good news is CopyAI can help you find the right words to say, so you can present yourself with conviction.

Check out this clip with Carissa Lynn Renner, vocalist turned business mentor, after CopyAI presents two powerful "I am" statements about her brand and an inspiring new idea about where her business could go.

She embraces the results, which inspire her to look at herself and her brand with new eyes.

You can't really understand how this AI can work for you until you start trying it out by clicking “Create Copy”. 

If you are holding onto fear about bringing your personal brand to life, let CopyAI be your confidence boosting creative brand catalyst. 

Follow these 4 simple steps to get better results with every click.

Step 1: Click the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide Sales Copy formula to help guide you through the key attributes that make your personal brand compelling.


Product: [product/brand/service name and one-liner]

Target audience: [target audience]


-[list of features that solve problems or provide value]

-[feature 2]

-[feature 3]


-[list of benefits]

-[benefit 2]

-[benefit 3]


Step 2: Fill in the sales copy formula for your personal brand, brainstorming ideas as you go.


You are selling yourself as a brand, so think about your audience, features, and the benefits of working with you.


Here is how this looked for Carissa.




Step 3: Simplify your brain dump before clicking create copy for greater creativity and ideas from CopyAI.


The less info you give the AI the more creative it will be.  For Carissa, we started with three lines and a more focused brand tone.  We also added additional keywords to help the AI hone in on the nuances of her brand.


Main Points:

Carriss Lynn Renner, Intuitive Business Coach

I help creators bring their vision to life.



Knowledgeable, Spiritual, Direct, Energetic, Confident


Step 4: Click Create Copy


In the amount of time it takes you to sip your coffee, you will have ready made marketing copy about your personal brand waiting for you to review.  Here is what the results looked like for Carissa’s input.  


Not bad for 10 minutes of brainstorming and a sip of coffee!

CopyAI not only writes your marketing copy for you, but it can also serve as your copywriting therapist and business coach. 


In our session with Carissa, she had two impactful insights about the results CopyAI was giving her.  

Insight #1 - CopyAI will draw out and challenge how you think about yourself, helping you to break through creative blocks


Carissa noted how CopyAI poked at her insecurity as a new brand. It was helpful to come face to face with that tension and gave her space to really think about how she could present herself.


Keep in mind isn’t commanding you to accept its recommendations, it's giving you an informed point of view or mirror that helps you fine tune your brand.


Insight # 2 - CopyAI offered directional ideas and goals for growing your brand.


In Carissa’s case the AI offered a line about her brand being featured on ABC News!  Upon reflection, Carissa noted that this helped her to think directionally about how to get more press and inspired to think bigger about what she is doing.


You can learn a lot by seeing how CopyAI tries to sell you and what features it draws out for you.

In Summary

CopyAI can help you step into a new version of yourself and get past the mental blocks that hold you back.


By engaging with the AI you can answer the hard questions about your brand fast like:


  • How do I describe myself?
  • What would be good selling points for my brand?
  • How do I package up my writing in a way that’s appealing to my target customer?


We hope you found this post helpful and that you will give CopyAI a try for free using one of our Free AI powered copywriting tools to try this out for yourself.  

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