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10 Conversion Copywriting Secrets To Get You More Signups (+ examples)

Jeremy Moser
November 20, 2022

Having a landing page is important, but it’s equally important to ensure that you’re using the right type of copywriting for whatever your landing page is trying to achieve. Copywriting is essential in getting customers to convert and can make a huge difference in the number of sales you make.

Benefits > Features

Example: Slip.so

Features tell visitors what/how. Benefits tell them why. A feature might show how people use the website. A benefit might help visitors find what they're looking for quickly or save them money. People convert not because of features, but because of benefits.

Ask Questions

Example: Unbounce

Try using questions to shape the conversation: "Don't think you can make your pages look this good?" You can use these questions to build upon the importance of your offer and help move visitors through to your call-to-action (CTA).

Write A "how it works" Section

Example: CopyAI, an AI writing tool

In three simple steps describe what users can do with your product and how it will improve their life. You can increase the likelihood that someone will click through and buy from you. If someone can't see exactly what you offer, they won't know if they'd be a good fit for your site or not. Landing pages need to tell potential customers what they can do with your product so they feel energized and compelled to do something — any action they take is equivalent to the words "I believe you".

Pain Agitate Solution

Example: Testimonial.to

Landing pages gain a visitor's attention by addressing the most important frustration that people experience. Once you've captured their attention, you can feel more confident in your offer as the visitor is hooked. Address the main problem your visitors have. Agitate it with a short statement. Then serve your product as the ideal solution.

Reduce Friction With Data

Example: JobBoardSheet

Landing page copywriting is all about persuasion. It's about drawing attention to yourself so people can't help but read what you have to say, or feel inclined to do business with you. To influence people, you need to use numbers and graphics that appeal to their emotions. Consideration spans are short, numbers help viewers assess how quickly you're addressing their problems, and giving a sense of urgency about your business.

Showcase Demand With Your Copy

Example: Soapbox

Social proof in copywriting is a powerful tool. Tell visitors how great your product is with real user statistics like recent signups, not jargon or buzzwords. It helps make your business look better than the competition. This will guarantee that more people will read you and spend time in your site.

Replace Buzzwords

Example: Harry Dry

Cut out all the words that don’t relate to your offer. Words like supercharge, unleash, unlock don't add to your offer. Instead, use phrases like improve, solves, or better yet, actual results and data. Providing clear, relevant keywords on landing pages can help you massively increase your conversion rates from someone visiting your website.

Be Clever AND Clear

Example: Ritual

Landing pages and other sales pages should be filled with enticing copy. The aim of the copy is to grab visitors' attention, to entice them to take a specific action (get your information, sign up, repeat). To do this you may need to sprinkle in some puns or make use of a play on words but it should be done tastefully without sacrificing clarity. Simple yet witty copy sparks interest to keep scrolling.

Hook, Then Explain

Example: Growsurf

Your job is not to immediately persuade, but to entice with the most enticing message you can manage. That means that your landing page copy should provide a benefit-rich point of information then explain how your product fulfills that need. Be sure to explain how your service will offer value to those who buy it so that they'll want to use it and spread the word about it. The result is a relatable, trustworthy offer that readers are eager to experience.

CTA Button Copywriting

Example: Buy me a coffee

Your CTA button shouldn't say "get started." It should tell users the exact step they are about to take to produce action and commitment. Readers want to know what they’re signing up for and whether there are other options. CTA buttons are your chance to put them at ease while getting them excited about getting started. Write a compelling CTA that drives users through your product and onto what you want them to do next.

Landing pages are virtual salesmen that work all hours of the day. Ensuring your copywriting drives value for readers is key to increasing conversions. Put these tips to work to convert more of your landing page traffic into loyal customers.

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Jeremy Moser, co-founder and CEO of https://userp.io/, you can reach him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jmoserr

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