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Blog Interviews: Why They Add Value And 5 Essential Tips To Maximize Quality

MJ Kramer
November 20, 2022

Blog interviews with relevant people in your niche are a great way to drive traffic to your site and establish your credibility. 

This is because they draw readers from the interviewee’s platform to yours. This exposes you to a new audience. 

It will also help establish you as an authority figure in your niche. This is because you are now associated with someone of authority. It’s a great way to add valuable content to your blog.

Approaching, researching, and conducting blog interviews can be overwhelming. However, with the right information, you will have the confidence to execute engaging and traffic-driving interviews. 

In this article, you will learn how to prepare for conducting interviews and get the tools you need to succeed.

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Why Are Good Blog Interview Questions Important?

Good interview questions create value-driven content for your blog. The questions you ask in an interview are the key to producing engaging and worthwhile content for your audience. 

Having thoughtful interview questions is also a great way to show the person you are interviewing that you have done your research. It displays that you are sincere in your interest in knowing more about them. 

The Best Way To Prepare For A Blog Interview

The best way to prepare for an interview is by writing all of your interview questions ahead of time. Having a list of researched questions to go off of will ensure that you ask the right questions. It will also ensure you get the most interesting answers. 

Additionally, being prepared will save you time during the interview and shows that you respect the time of the interviewee. 

The more thoughtful you are in the interview prep, the more genuine your presence will be with the person you are interviewing. This will make them feel comfortable sharing with you and produce authentic content. 

The better your content is, the more engaged readers you will have. It all starts with researching and asking the right questions. Do this and your interview will go smoothly!

Always remember to be yourself. Approaching questions in a sincere and friendly manner will result in better and more forthcoming responses

People are less willing to engage with formal questions. Open up and be personable to make your interviewee comfortable!

How to Use Open-Ended Blog Interview Questions

Open-ended questions should be your main focus when preparing questions for your interview. 

An open-ended question is a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. They often begin with:

  • “How?”
  • “Why?”
  • “What?”
  • “Who?” 

These questions lead to further discussion of more complex topics and often lead to detailed explanations and examples. These complex responses offer teachable moments for your audience. 

The person being asked the question should not be led in any particular direction by the question. Open-ended questions should not have a set answer. 

This will require the interviewee to thoughtfully contemplate their answer. This provides an opportunity for insight into the mind of the person you are interviewing. 

It will also allow them to control the direction of the interview. This will make them feel more comfortable and engaged. 

Asking open-ended questions will ensure your interview is engaging and thought-provoking for both your readers and the person you are interviewing.

How to Ask Open-Ended “How” Questions

Questions that begin with “how” are a great way to encourage someone to give examples and explanations about the way they do what they are best at. 

This adds value to your interview because you’re providing your readers with information on the skills they would like to learn. 

It also establishes your brand as an authority in your field. You are providing answers to the problems and needs of your audience. This will make them turn to you the next time they want answers. 

Here are some examples of “How?” questions to help you brainstorm:

  • “How did you know it was the right time for you to start your own business?”
  • “How did you identify and engage with your target audience?”
  • “How did you know the niche you are in was the right fit?”
  • “How do you find new customers to engage with?”
  • “How do you decide on the next thing to pour your focus into to grow your business?”

How to Ask Open-Ended “Why” Questions

Asking open-ended “Why?” questions encourage your interviewee to dig deeper. These questions will help you understand the motivation behind a person’s life choices. 

When interviewing someone, “Why?” questions will ask your interviewee to explain the thought process behind their actions. This will also give you insight into what they are passionate about and what is important to them. 

“Why?” questions are an opportunity to help you understand your interviewee more personally. Be sure to come up with some thought-provoking questions when you prep for your interview. 

To get you started, here are some examples of questions that start with “why”:

  • “Why did you know it was the right time to start your own blog?”
  • “Why did you choose the niche that you are in?”
  • “Why do you feel connected to your business?”
  • “Why do you feel you are successful in your business?”
  • “Why are you different from your competitors?”

How to Ask Open-Ended “What” Questions

“What?” questions provide another opportunity for you to learn more about your interviewee and the specifics of their business. 

Think about the problems that your readers need solving. This is a good opportunity to gather insight on how to problem solve as a business owner. 

Asking your interviewee what they do when they face a tough situation is a great way to gain information for your readers. Always keep in mind that your readers are looking for ways to learn a new skill and solve their challenges. 

Here are some “What?” questions to get you started:

  • “What is the most successful blog post you have ever written?”
  • “What is the best piece of advice you can offer to someone starting their own business?”
  • “What are the mistakes you have made that people should avoid?”
  • “What do you think you will be doing with your blog in 5 years?”
  • “What is the core message you want people to gain from your business?”

How to Ask Open-Ended “Who?” Questions

Questions that start with “who” allow your interviewee to talk about someone who has influenced them or helped them in their life. 

The interviewee can advise on how your readers can find mentors in their niche and support from their community. 

This is an invaluable part of your interview, so be sure to listen closely to the answers. 

Here are some “Who?” questions you can ask:

  • “Who has had the biggest impact on your business?”
  • “Who is someone you admire the most?”
  • “Who knows the most about your business?”
  • “Who do you lean on when you need advice on tough business situations?”
  • “Who is your biggest creative inspiration?”

How to Research Your Blog Interviewee

As we learned earlier, research is arguably the most important part of an interview. The work you do before the interview is crucial to its success. 

The first step is researching the background of the person. What are their achievements and interests? How did they start their blog and how do they market their brand? 

Find out what drives them and get curious! It is important to always consider what you would like to find out about this person and their business. You should always interview someone you are genuinely interested in learning more about.

A great place to start is with their about me section on their website. This will give you a basic understanding of who they are and what their goals are. Better yet, it will be from their first-person perspective. 

You should also be up to date on all of their social media presence. To take a deeper dive, do a web search to see if there has been any press published about their brand or themself. 

It is important to stay up to date on the news of the person and their brand. You should show you did your homework by knowing relevant facts about them. This could include:

  • Recent media attention
  • A rebrand
  • A partnership with a top influencer

How to Ask Your Blog Interviewee The Right Questions

Think about what you want the outcome of the interview to be. For example:

  • Do you want to offer new solutions to your readers? 
  • Do you want to draw a new audience to your blog? 
  • Do you want to provide your audience with information on a skill that your interviewee is an expert in? 

If you keep your goal at the top of your mind, you will ask the right questions and achieve the outcome you want!

Doing this research will also show you what interview questions to stay away from. It is important not to focus on questions that have already been answered on another platform. 

Provide Unique Information

Your goal is to drive traffic to your website by providing unique information on your blog. You do this by researching what questions have and have not been answered about the person online. 

Doing this also adds value to the content for the interviewee’s readers. You have an opportunity to capture a new audience of subscribers to your page. 

The readers of the person you are interviewing, as well as your readers, need to be offered new information to engage with your content. 

You must provide new and engaging topics to keep their attention. Identifying unanswered questions is important to the success and relevancy of your interview content. 

Take a deep dive and find the questions no one has asked.

How to Provide a Valuable Blog Interview For Your Audience

It is important to remember the needs of your target audience when preparing for your interview.

Think about the problems that your readers face that the person you are interviewing would have insight on. They likely have a creative solution that your readers would love to know! 

You will add value to your website and create authority in your niche by providing content that solves the problems your readers face. Be sure to always keep this in mind.

Your audience also comes to your platform to learn something new and develop new skills. Interviewing someone from a different brand is a great opportunity to offer your readers insight into skills that you don’t have. 

Think about how you are different from the person you are interviewing. What experiences and expert knowledge do they have that can benefit your readers? 

This is a great way to give your audience new information that you haven't offered them before and add worth to your content.

Help Your Audience Daydream

Another reason that your audience comes to your website is to daydream! 

People are always looking for different ways of doing things. They also dream of making positive changes in their lives. They want to broaden their horizons and be inspired to be the best version of themselves. 

A great way you can inspire them is by showing them something new. Highlight the uniqueness of the person you are interviewing and be genuine in your curiosity to spark great content. 

Readers want to find a way to relate to you and the people you interview on your blog. When reading an article, they will quickly tune out and log off if there is no relevance to their own lives. 

Always remember the voice of your readers, and ask thoughtful questions they will relate to. The best way to do this is by:

  • Keeping in mind the problems they need to solve
  • Remembering the skills they would like to build on
  • Inspiring them to reach their goals

How to Ask Follow-Up Questions

Listening is just as important as asking questions in an interview. When you ask a question, listen to your interviewee’s response for opportunities to ask follow-up questions. 

If you hear something you think your readers would like a more elaborate explanation of, ask! It is important to engage with your interviewee.

Responding with additional questions shows you are interested in what they are saying. You can also ask them to clarify anything that you need more information on. 

Keep an ear out for teachable moments in your conversation. Asking follow-up questions during teachable moments of the interview will provide your readers with the most educational answers. 

However, be sure not to ask too many questions. You don’t want to interrogate your interviewee. 

Be selective with the moments you choose to ask follow-up questions. Make sure that you pick the topics your audience would most like to hear more about.

Blog Interview Question Examples

Here are a few example questions you can consider asking during your blog interview:


  • “How do you think your blog adds value to your niche in ways that are different from your competitors?”
  • “Who is an example of someone doing big things in your niche that you admire?”
  • “How do you keep your blog full of fresh and exciting new content?”
  • “Why do you consider yourself an expert in your niche?”
  • “What do you think is important to do as bloggers to stay relevant in our industry?”

5 Essential Tips For Blog interviews

The most important tip from this article is doing your research and prep work! The best way to ensure you have a successful interview is by doing your homework. 

The outcome of your interview will be better if you know the background of the person. You also need to identify things you would like to know more about. 

Here are 5 of the most important tips to keep in mind when conducting your blog interview.

Prepare Your Interview Questions Ahead Of Time

Make sure you write out your interview questions beforehand. This will help you stay focused and present during the conversation. 

This also opens up time for you to listen and engage with the other person. You need to show up as your most authentic self, so do all the heavy lifting before the interview!

Always Keep Your Readers At The Top Of Your Mind

Your main goal of every interview is to leave with valuable information for your readers. You can translate the in-depth conversions you have into traffic-driving content. 

If you offer your audience tips on a new skill or an answer to their problem, they will keep coming back to your blog. This will help establish your credibility in your niche.

Don’t Ask Simple Questions That Can Be Answered With A Google Search

Your content is valuable when it is new and informative. Make sure you are covering topics that have not been discussed or published before. 

This way, when someone wants to know the answer, you are among the top results on Google.

Take Good Notes And Follow Up With Clarifications

Make sure you document your conversation so that you can follow up if you need to clarify anything before you publish the interview. 

This will also help you quickly write out the article and collect your thoughts.

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Don’t Ask Questions That Are Off Limits

Make sure you don’t ask any questions that are off-limits. 

Before you interview the person, be sure to ask them if there are any topics or questions that are off-limits. 

You don’t want to accidentally insult your interviewee and kill the vibe of the conversation.

Wrap Up

All of these tips will help you get the most out of an interview. 

The most important things you can bring are your genuine curiosity and most authentic self. 

If you do your research and prepare for the interview, you will add valuable content to your blog and gain new readers!

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