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12 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms You Need to Know About in 2022

Soniya Jain
November 20, 2022

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Finding, vetting, and onboarding influencers for your project can be a nightmare.

If you're working with too many influencers, qualifying themes, or evaluating proposals, all on your own, you're wasting valuable resources like time or money.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can grow your audience and fanbase faster than pressing play on your favorite Taylor Swift album.

However, with so many different platforms out there, it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you.

Here's a list of the most popular influencer marketing platforms to make your decision easier. So, let's get into the breakdown!

What is an influencer marketing platform, and how does it work?

An influencer marketing platform is a software tool that helps companies manage and scale their social media campaigns. Businesses can build relationships with influencers and leverage their popularity to promote products or services via sponsored content by connecting directly with influencers.

Here are the most common ways that businesses can use influencer marketing platforms:

Search influencers

Searching for influencers is the primary function of an influencer marketing platform. You can search for specific people or brands, filter your results by location and other characteristics, and view followers and engagement metrics. This is the best way to find influencers who might be a good fit for your campaign goals.

Many platforms also let you filter your search by channel, topic, and language. For example, if you're looking for an Instagram influencer in the U.S., you might use filters to narrow down results by the top city or state within that country or get even more detailed with location.

Vet influencers

An influencer marketing platform can also help you vet your influencers. You can see how many followers they have, the makeup of their audience (demographics or interests), engagement metrics, and recent posts to get a sense of what kind of content performs best for them. It's also important to read reviews from other companies that have worked with an influencer before deciding whether they suit you.

Influencer outreach management

A robust platform also allows you to manage your entire influencer outreach process. You can easily track how many influencers you have contacted, how many qualified responses, and which ones are responding. The platform can also help automate responses to inquiries, making it easier for your team to manage large volumes of requests.

Influencer CRM

An influencer customer relationship management (CRM) system is a database that allows you to store your outreach and engagement histories with each influencer. This way, you can easily track who has responded to what types of campaigns and offers from previous interactions. 

Most influencer CRM systems will often have integrations with other aspects of your marketing and social media efforts. Along with other features like shared tasks, notes, and schedules with your team, this can help simplify tracking leads or responding to inquiries in one place.

Influencer cost estimation

An influencer marketing tool often has a built-in capability for estimating how much it will cost to partner with each influencer. This is usually based on their reach and the type of content they produce. Still, you can customize your estimate by adding additional factors such as whether or not the campaign would require sponsored shoutouts, giveaways, product placements, etc.

Campaign management

You can also manage your influencer marketing campaigns with an influencer tool. This often includes creating a project and adding all relevant details, such as which social media channels to use, what kind of content the influencers should produce, and when it should go live.

Campaign analytics

An influencer tool can also access analytics data to measure your campaign's performance. This should include total impressions, reach, and engagement rates (such as retweets or shares). You may even find it helpful to track individual influencer campaigns separately since each will likely be different based on who is involved.

Influencer payments

Many influencer platforms also offer payment functionality. This can be a great way to keep track of payments and avoid any issues with late or missing payments. This will help you keep tabs on how much each person has earned and ensure they get the right amount of money for their work during and after the campaign ends.

Some platforms may even allow you to set up automatic payments based on the amount of engagement each influencer receives. This can make it easier for both parties involved since no one has to worry about tracking their earnings or making sure they get paid when they should; everything is done automatically through the platform's system.

Affiliate management

Another great benefit of using an influencer management platform is that it can help you track affiliate links and monitor how much each influencer has earned. This is a huge time-saver since you don't have to check which links your influencers are using and how much commission they earned. 

Platforms display this information for easy access, there's no need for guesswork or speculation regarding affiliate earnings in one central location.

Top 12 influencer marketing platforms for brands in 2022


Klear is a marketing platform that helps brands make meaningful interactions with their customers. They have sophisticated technology that supports some of the world's largest organizations and empowers influencers worldwide.

Klear Customer Base

Let's look at how Steller partnered with Klear and received remarkable results.

Steller is a storytelling app that allows users to record and share real-life experiences. Steller needed to partner with travel influencers willing to promote the app to grow its user base.

However, when it came time for the team to manage payments, they found the process time-consuming and inefficient. The team needed a tool that would automate the essential stages of the payment process while identifying the relevant tax forms necessary for each influencer.

With Klear's integrated payment capability, they could scale their strategy to an entirely new level. Klear's tool streamlined the team's ability to pay influencers efficiently, freeing up 6 hours per influencer due to an automated payment process and improved collaboration between brand managers and accountants.

Klear provided a solution that mitigated their problem and helped them take their business to the next level.

Key features of Klear

FakeSpot technology

Klear's AI detects fake followers and activities, so you can find influencers whose audiences are real people.

Advanced audience demographics 

Understand the characteristics of your influencer's audience to ensure they align with brand goals.

Centralize influencer communication 

An integrated messaging feature handles all communication between the influencer and the brand.

Estimate campaign ROI 

Understand which of your influencers delivered the best results, or figure out how much each influencer's followers are worth to your company.

Competitor analysis 

Find out which of your competitors is doing the best on social media, and use those results to help you improve your strategy.

Klear user interface

Klear pricing

Klear contact page

Klear has not published price information on its website. You can contact Klear to get current prices and product details by filling out a form.


Upfluence is a platform that makes it easy for brands to scale their influencer marketing campaigns. With Upfluence, brands can find the best influencers, manage all their relationships, pay their influencers, and measure the results of their campaigns in one place.

Upfluence popular customer base

Here is KEEN Footwear's story of working with Upfluence.

KEEN Footwear, a brand in the outdoor lifestyle industry since 2003, wanted to increase online sales and spread brand awareness through a focused influencer marketing strategy. 

Using Upfluence, KEEN sourced Instagram content creators who were highly aligned with their brand on Instagram from its network of 4 million social influencers and those who were already linked to them.

Upfluence exceeded content creation goals by 30% to help KEEN reach an audience 29% larger than expected. This led to a total audience reach of 1.18 million people on Instagram for KEEN Footwear's campaign.

Upfluence database of 4 million influencers allowed KEEN to easily select a group of content creators who were already connected with their brand or audience. This helped create more authentic and engaging campaigns that drove sales for the retailer by connecting them directly to consumers through Instagram Stories.

Key features of Upfluence

Import your previous influencers 

You can integrate a list of creators you've already worked with by uploading their information into the platform.

Engagement analysis 

Get detailed statistics on the engagement rates, average views and comments, and other performance metrics for popular social media platforms.

Briefs & draft approval 

Write, save, and send campaign briefs to influencers with a few clicks. You can also upload your creative assets for them.

Payment tracking 

Manage individual payment requests and view the status of all payments.

Upfluence UI

Upfluence pricing

Upfluence pricing models

Upfluence has three different pricing plans: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. For more details on associated costs, contact the company directly.


CreatorIQ is a great influencer marketing platform for brands looking to meet their digital marketing needs. It offers reliable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive tools to help companies of all sizes grow their business with authentic partnerships with content creators. The tool provides various measurement solutions and advanced tools to help you grow your business.

CreatorIQ customer base

Let's dive into how Fabletics harnessed CreatorIQ to streamline influencer marketing and build stronger relationships with these creators.

Fabletics is a fitness clothing company that offers stylish, affordable workout clothes for women and men. It was looking for a way to ensure that its consistent champions continued to drive engagement and conversion quarter after quarter.

The brand also wanted to grow its community of creators by bringing new styles and new demographics of creators into its community, all while prioritizing the lifetime value of its relationships.

With CreatorIQ's platform, Fabletics unlocked in-depth insights on longtime and potential partners. This gave them access to data related to campaign performance, audience makeup, and the integrity of both types of creators. The result? A 30% decrease in customer acquisition cost over the past year!

Key features of CreatorIQ

Content approval

Use automated processes to ensure that contributed content meets your quality standards.

Data importing and exporting tools 

Access custom profile lists of your influencers and brand ambassadors with detailed contact information.

Connect CreatorIQ to your entire stack 

CreatorIQ offers a series of APIs to help software developers integrate reporting and analytics into their apps.

Influencer whitelisting

Creators can permit brands to access social media accounts and promote a company's products or services.

CreatorIQ UI 

CreatorIQ pricing

CreatorIQ pricing page

CreatorIQ's pricing is not in the public eye, but you can request a customized quote by submitting an inquiry form.


With GRIN, you can easily track the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns and see how your brand is performing on social media. You can also use their analytics tool to predict how much revenue your campaign will generate before it even starts!

GRIN customer base

Let's look at how a client of GRIN, Tubby Todd, used the platform to streamline their influencer marketing.

When Tubby Todd, who offers body care products for babies, used Google Sheets to manage their influencer marketing information, it was a quick and easy way to get started. But as the number of influencers grew, and the program became more complex, it became clear that this approach had some serious limitations.

In particular, Andrea—responsible for the company's influencer marketing strategy—wanted to track metrics like the engagement rate, impressions, and clicks per post for each creator. Now that over 400 influencers were listed on the Google spreadsheet, she knew there had to be a better way!

GRIN caught Andrea's eye because her influencer marketing program needed specific features that GRIN could provide. The GRIN platform lets the company use one sales channel for their influencer marketing campaign, which they can then repurpose into different channels.

GRIN's influencer program allowed Tubby Todd to save time and money by streamlining their outreach strategies and tracking the compensation they were offering creators. Their conversion revenue reached $100,000.

Key features of GRIN 

Relationship management 

GRIN provides all the tools you need to nurture authentic brand relationships at every stage of your influencer marketing campaign, from fielding applicants and communicating with your chosen creators

Content management 

Track and repurpose every bit of brand love your influencers spread across social media.

Product seeding 

GRIN handles the logistics of moving your products from the warehouse to influencers' hands with their full eCommerce integrations.

Easy campaign creation and organization 

Send proposals with branded landing pages, create briefs, and track produced content—all within a campaign workroom that allows for easy organization from product shipment to reporting.


GRIN pricing

GRIN demo form

GRIN does not publish pricing information on its website. To request a quote, submit an inquiry form.


Aspire has built a platform that enables brands to identify and engage with influencers — people with large followings on social media or blogs. These influencers, which Aspire refers to as ambassadors and affiliates, can engage their followers and spread the word about a business's products. The new word-of-mouth medium pioneered by Aspire enables businesses to reach more people.

Aspire popular customer base

Let's look at how Tria Beauty used Aspire to find the right influencers for their products.

Tria Beauty is a leader in home laser hair removal and anti-wrinkle treatments. Their products have specific usage criteria, so they wanted to work with influencers with whom they could closely monitor and communicate.

With Aspire, Tria Beauty can easily see what stage each relationship is in and monitor its performance over time. This allows Tria to ensure its content gets the most out of each partnership and reaches its target audience.

As a result, Aspire helped Tria achieve 12M impressions on social media with 220+ posts from influencers.

Key features of Aspire

Discover influencers at scale 

Discover and connect with Influencers on a massive scale, with the ability to filter by location, engagement metrics, demographics, and industry. You can even search for specific images using their visual recognition capability.

Social listening 

Keep tabs on your brand's current image to find potential influencers who are already fans of what you do.

Data insights 

Generate accurate, up-to-date information about target audiences to find influencers who will help you reach and influence potential customers.

Pricing recommendations 

Research what other companies and brands in your industry pay influencers for their work, then use that information to make informed decisions about the money you spend on influencer marketing.

Aspire UI

Aspire pricing

Aspire demo form

Aspire does not publish pricing information. To request a quote, fill out their contact form.


Influencity is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform that will allow you to manage your relationships with influencers while automating the entire process of running campaigns.

Influencity popular customer base

They provide a range of tools to help you make the most of your campaign—from finding the right influencers to optimizing engagement and conversions. All these functionalities are available on one platform, so you can access them simultaneously instead of hopping between sites or apps.

Key features of Influencity

Gain access to an extensive influencer marketplace of over 70 million influencers 

100,000+ ways to filter and find the perfect influencers for your target audience.

Analyze influencers 

Find in-depth information about influencers, including their social media sites and follower counts. Choose the right person to represent your brand based on that data.

An influencer directory for your entire organization 

Share your database with coworkers so they can also leverage influencers and make better decisions about whom to work with.

Automate multiple campaigns with ease 

Avoid overwhelming yourself by doing too many campaigns at once—tailor your campaigns and switch tactics without disrupting other projects on your plate.

Influencity UI

Influencity pricing

Influencity pricing model

Influencity has 4 plans: Custom, Basic, Professional, and Business. The Basic plan costs $148/month, but you can use their software for 7 days without paying first to ensure it's what you want.


Traackr helps marketers optimize their influencer marketing programs with data insights and tools for measurement, attribution, audience research, and relationship management. Marketers using the platform can identify the most effective strategies, streamline their campaigns, and scale their programs efficiently.

Traackr's platform allows you to easily search influencers by location, topic, and audience demographics. You can also sort through your influencer database of existing relationships with an easy-to-use search feature.

Traackr popular customer base

Let's look how Meliá Hotels International used Tracckr to streamline its influencer marketing campaigns.

Meliá Hotels International wanted to create a database that included information about all its influencers to standardize how it works with them worldwide. They also wanted to ensure they were getting the best return on investment from every partnership they made.

Traackr enabled Meliá to evaluate potential influencers based on objective data rather than subjective opinion. By doing this, they have saved a great deal of time and have been able to collaborate more effectively.

In the first year with Traackr, Meliá Hotels International gained 167% more mentions from influencers, increasing reach by 238%. In the same year, social media referrals rose from 9% to 12% worldwide, and mobile sales increased by 491%, accounting for €33.8 million in revenue.

Key features of Traackr

Manage organic influencer campaigns 

Use custom workflow, content monitoring, and reporting features to organize and optimize your product campaigns.

Influencer attributes 

Specify the criteria of influencers by their job title, gender, location, language, platform, follower count, and engagement rate.

Proactive recommendations 

Strengthen your network of influencers by receiving automated offers for new people interested in discussing.

Unify influencer marketing measurement 

Use key performance indicators such as cost-per-view, cost-per engagement, and cost-per-click to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Tapinfluence UI

Traackr pricing

Traackr contact form

Traackr does not publish pricing information on its site. To request a quote, fill out the Contact form on their site.


Afluencer lets you find, recruit, and collaborate with verified influencers from all over the world. You can get started in minutes with their VIP plan and start chatting directly with influencers who are an excellent fit for your brand in the Afluencer app.

Afluencer popular brands

Let's look at how Vela used Afluencer to find the right influencers without spending a lot of money.

Raphael, a fitness enthusiast, developed and produced Vela, a unique workout product that allows people to perform their workouts efficiently. He needs to get the word out about it so people can start using his product. He's looking for people who can connect him with their followers, but he doesn't have much money to spend on marketing or advertising.

Then Afluencer connected Vela with fitness influencers from all walks of life—from verified celebrities to more niche experts (e.g., yoga instructors). As a result, Raphael, on a shoestring budget, recruited more than 100 fitness influencers in just a few months.

Key features of Afluencer

Work with verified influencers 

Find the perfect influencer(s) for your Brand. The platform verifies them as real people, and you can specify any important criteria (interest, # followers, demographics, etc.).

Work with popular social platforms 

Reach new customers for your brand on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube through social media influencers. They'll create content and promote it to their followers!

Chat with influencers who "match" your brand 

Have a conversation with the influencers that "match" your brand. You can chat one-on-one or in group chats about ways to work together effectively.

Afluencer UI

Afluencer pricing

Afluencer pricing plans

Afluencer offers three packages: VIP ($49/month), Concierge ($99/month), and Boss ($199/month).


Fanbytes is the leading influencer marketing platform that helps brands engage Gen Z audiences in the most interactive ways on the planet. The Fanbytes team of social media and influencer marketing experts works with clients to help them identify and reach their target audience, including Gen Z-ers, who are using new media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat to create and share their content.

Fanbytes popular brands

Let's look at how Casio used Fanbytes to reach Gen-Z users and encourage them to interact with Casio's content.

Casio, a Japanese company that makes watches and other consumer electronics, wanted to drive awareness of its new GA-2100 watch series. The company partnered with Fanbytes to reach Gen Z consumers.

As a result, Casio exceeded its objective of 2 million views by 10 percent. It also got more than 100,000 hearts and nearly 5,000 clicks to its website.

Key features of Fanbytes


Predict trends before they take off amongst this generation—and position your brand to reap the benefits.

Social listening 

By monitoring TikTok for mentions of your brand, products, competitors, and even your entire sector, they can analyze where you need to be talking and how you can gain a competitive advantage.

Creator identification

Bytesights feature offers a solution to explore the best influencers on TikTok. No more wasting time on irrelevant profiles; the platform lists the most relevant content creators based on real-time data.

Fanbytes UI

Fanbytes pricing

Fanbytes contact page

Fanbytes does not publish its prices on the website, but you can determine which package is best for your business by submitting information through a contact form.


NeoReach is a leading platform for influencer marketing. With enterprise-level analytics, a simple user interface, and the ability to build relationships with influencers at scale, NeoReach makes it easy for brands to create effective campaigns. NeoReach also offers API integration, fraud detection, and reporting services.

NeoReach popular brands

Let's look at how Netflix partnered with NeoReach to create an influencer marketing campaign that generated $500 million views just one week after launching.

Netflix's Cobra Kai Season 3 launch was a massive success with NeoReach.

The Emmy-nominated series, a sequel to the hit '80s film The Karate Kid, had a super-successful launch thanks to 10 influencers who helped spread the word about the new season.

NeoReach has helped Netflix promote Cobra Kai Season 3 on TikTok. The campaign, which achieved over 2.8 million views on TikTok alone and helped spike #CobraKaiChop mentions by 500 million in just a few days of its launch.

The company has also built a database, www.tikscore.com, that allows them to monitor the fastest growing TikTokers and utilize it to create stellar, data-driven influencer line-ups.

Key features of NeoReach

A Data-backed strategy 

Helps you create a multi-faceted launch strategy by reverse engineering competitor research to learn how to reach your target audience.

Effective collaboration and communication 

Helps you manage all parts of the influencer campaign process, from making first contact to negotiating contracts and shipping products.

Paid media amplification 

The team will define advertising auctions, budget allocations, offers, copy, creative and more, all to maximize return on investment across major advertising channels.

Use technology to streamline your influencer outreach

Coordinate influencer relationships, review posts, track payment history, and manage contacts all in one place—seamlessly and effectively!

NeoReach UI

NeoReach pricing

Neoreach contact form

NeoReach doesn't publish its pricing on the website, but you can contact the company to find out what is available and how much it costs.


TapInfluence is an influencer marketing technology company that empowers brands to work with influencers quickly, easily, and efficiently. They have over 8 years of experience managing campaigns on their platform. Their platform is also completely automated, so you can spend minutes finding the right influencer for your campaign instead of hours.

TapInfluence testimonials

Here's how Stella & Chewy used TapInfluence to get results.

Stella & Chewy's was looking to create a social media campaign that would help build trust among consumers and drive engagement with their brand. After a lot of research, they found that influencer marketing was the perfect solution: it allowed them to leverage word-of-mouth marketing while efficiently creating high-quality content.

They used TapInfluence's powerful influencer discovery suite to choose the most influential influencers for the campaign. The result was 47 million impressions on their influencer content and 1+ million engagements.

Key features of TapInfluence

Content repurposing 

The asset manager makes it easy to repurpose and distribute your influencer's branded content.

Keyword search 

Find influencers with the right audience and profile for your brand, then save this group to a list so you can find them again.

Campaign management

Structure your campaigns by establishing a project for each goal, with brief, clearly defined tasks. Attach links and images, and link to existing tools with Unit Details and Elements.

Promoted posts

You can set a custom budget for each creator-generated ad unit and track the performance of those units through API integrations.

TapInfluence pricing

TapInfluence's pricing is not readily available online, but you can contact the company to find out what options are available and how much they cost.


Dovetale is Shopify's creator management system that allows you to scale your affiliate marketing program quickly.

Whether you're just starting or have been running your affiliate program for years, Dovetale has you covered. The all-in-one, creator management system lets you take care of applications and commissions in one place, so you can focus on what matters most—

growing your business.

Here's how Zara Tisch used Dovetale to grow her affiliate marketing program.

On 17th December 2020, Zara Tisch—founder of ultra-comfortable clothing empire Terez—built a beautiful recruiting page on Dovetale to collect applications from influencers, personal shoppers, super fans, and ambassadors.

She got her first community member referral, resulting in a sale one day later.

Since creating her Dovetale account, this community has grown to 200 members and produced over $20,000 in affiliate sales.

Key features of Dovetale

Seamless discovery

The interface is flexible and allows users to search for specific keywords or hashtags.

Track affiliate sales

It automatically creates reports for you based on the earnings generated by each affiliate link so that all you need to do is pay out your influencers after they've made a dollar of sales!

Send gifts to members 

You can also see the gift's progress through these statuses: "pending", "processing," and "sent" in its Gift History.

Dovetale pricing

Dovetale offers three levels of support: $99/month for Starter, $499/month for Pro, and Enterprise pricing. If you need information about Dovetale's Enterprise plan, you can contact their customer service team for more details.

Tips for choosing the best influencer marketing platform for your needs

There are many different influencer marketing platforms, each with pros and cons. Choosing the right platform for your needs is essential to maximizing your campaign's effectiveness. 

Here are some criteria for selecting an influencer marketing platform.

Channel support

Some platforms support only Instagram or YouTube, while others offer integrated channels like Facebook and Twitter. You'll want to ensure you're using a platform that supports the channels where your ideal audience spends most of their time. 

You should also look for a platform that offers native integration with ad platforms like Facebook to make it easier to set up and track your campaigns.

Campaign management tools

An important feature to consider is the campaign management toolset within your chosen influencer marketing platform. You'll want easy-to-use, customizable templates so you can quickly create branded content in line with brand guidelines or other specifications while maintaining high-quality standards. 

In addition, you'll want to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and monitor how they're performing with ease—all while staying on top of upcoming deadlines.

Tracking capabilities

Tracking your campaigns can help you see how well they perform and respond accordingly. You'll want a tool that provides in-depth reporting capabilities, including activity tracking and real-time stats. 

In addition, it's helpful if the platform tracks influencer performance and social media engagement after influencers' campaign has ended—showing which efforts were successful at reaching their goals and what could be improved next time.

Easy to use

The platform should be easy to use and understand. Ideally, it should be intuitive enough that you won't need a lot of training or support—you can just get started immediately. The last thing you want is a platform that's too complicated to use. You want one that offers an accessible and user-friendly interface—one where the features are evident and easy to find, no matter your level of experience with marketing software.


Some influencer marketing software will also offer support services, from training to helping you optimize your campaigns and troubleshooting help when things go wrong. These can be invaluable for new marketers or those without much experience working in this area, but they can also be helpful for more established brands that need assistance with a new campaign.

Automation features

The more time and energy you can save with influencer marketing automation, the better! Many software platforms offer campaign planning templates that make it easier to quickly put together a plan of attack. Others allow marketers to set up automation or triggers directly within their chosen social platform, so they don't need access to an outside tool for things like engagement goals (e.g., likes) or comments from fans to be sent automatically to an influencer's inbox. This can save marketers time and make their work more efficient overall.

Data quality

"Data quality" is a term that frequently comes up when discussing the accuracy of data and how much it can be trusted—and this is a critical topic in influencer marketing. After all, if you don't know who your target audience members are or what they want from brands, then it becomes even more challenging to create effective campaigns!

There are many benefits associated with using influencer marketing software. By taking advantage of these features, you can save time on their campaign creation process while still achieving high-quality results.

Final thoughts on the best influencer marketing platforms

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing will continue to grow in popularity as more and more brands become aware of the benefits it can bring. However, with so many different platforms, it can be hard for businesses to know where to begin. We hope this guide has helped you decide which platform may be best suited for your needs moving forward!

So, go forth and create amazing influencer marketing campaigns with confidence!

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