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How to Become a Thought Leader in just 10 Minutes a Day

Robert Davidson
November 20, 2022

Want to become a thought leader in your space? Spend 10 minutes journaling each day about your area of expertise.

Check out this clip from one of last week's demos to hear Andrew and Austin and go through this creative journaling exercise with and our Blog Ideas tool.

In just 10 minutes a day, you'll amass a catalog of content ideas that can help you bring to life by:

  • expanding on rough ideas quickly
  • exploring new ways of seeing things
  • surfacing additional related content ideas

Let extract the mind map of your brain and use the power of its creativity to help you develop your thought leadership.

Create a digital product you can sell

Have you considered using to create a template library that you can package and sell as a digital product?

Last week, Andrew caught up with photographer and mindset coach Felicia Reed, to build out a package of email templates for photographers.

They walked through her customer's communication touch points and built custom email templates with instructions and helpful tips for using each template. Together they created:

  • New Client Inquiry Email
  • Thank You Email
  • Reminder Email
  • Missed Payment Email
  • And a Testimonial Request

These templates are a great value-add for her customers, and something any marketing services organization could create.

Turn two words into a 2,000-word blog post in under an hour

Watch this replay to see how Andrew starts with just the words “Personal Branding” and writes a thought-provoking piece of content in just five steps.

  1. Start with a topic of interest
    — "Personal Branding”
  2. Use the Blog Ideas tool to find a title:
    — "Is your personal brand on point?”
  3. Use Google and the Blog Outline tool to brainstorm each point in the article
    — “Focus on a Niche"
    — "Master Storytelling"
    — "Interactions Count"
  4. Use Bullet Point to Blog and Blog Conclusion Tools to write the core content
  5. Finish the post with the Blog Freestyle tool for the intro and finishing touches

Check out the finished post and watch the demo to see how it all came together!

That’s it for the week!  If you have any comments or questions, join us on Facebook or check out our broadcast schedule to RSVP for our next live demo.

Until next week, happy writing!

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