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With's Pro plan, you get access to unlimited Brand Voices, unlimited Infobase entries, 5 user seats, and a model-agnostic platform to protect you from downtimes. Oh, and you get all of that for the same monthly price as ChatGPT. Click below to copy the coupon code and get started today! 
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AI workflows 

Using natural language, automate any text-based task and create an infinite number of campaigns from a single Workflow. This will revolutionize the way you create content.


A model-agnostic approach is more reliable than being tied to one specific large language model, especially for avoiding downtimes.

Built for teams

With 5 user seats in the Pro plan, multiple team members can use the platform simultaneously, increasing collaboration and productivity.

Comparing vs. ChatGPT

We always strive to make our reviews fair and unbiased. We compare what you get natively with each platform. While there are many 3rd-party tools each software integrates with, the following table breaks down what you get on Day 1 of your or ChatGPT subscription.
Brand Voices
Prompt Improver
Built-in Templates
Access to Multiple Models
Unlimited Words

Why teams choose vs ChatGPT

AI Workflow automation
Tired of spending countless hours brainstorming and crafting each piece of content from scratch? Struggle to keep up with the demands of producing high-quality content at scale? Our automated Workflows generate multiple content pieces based on a single prompt. Imagine starting with a webinar transcript and instantly receiving 10 blog ideas, 10 blog outlines, 10 blog first drafts, and social media posts for each blog. It’s time to ditch manual work and embrace automated efficiency with open arms.
Search the web for support
Unlike ChatGPT, our platform lets you leverage the power of web scraping to find reliable sources for your content. This means you can easily extract data and insights from websites to support your blog post research or personalize outbound messaging. By analyzing multiple sources, you'll get the most accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring the highest level of quality and credibility for your content.
Analyze external links for insights
We're committed to providing you with the most efficient and effective ways to generate and scale content. That's why our platform is designed to do more than just web scraping. In fact, you can feed public URLs as input to create customized workflows that generate high-quality content in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re looking to summarize an article or generate an entire blog post from a brief, makes the entire process easier than any competitor on the market.
Automatically improve your prompts
Most people don’t have much experience or expertise when it comes to prompt writing, which can impact the overall quality and effectiveness of the generated content. With Improve, you no longer need to worry about the intricacies of crafting the perfect prompt. Our platform will analyze your original input and rewrite it to improve its clarity, relevance, and creativity. The result is a well-optimized prompt that gives you an excellent starting point for generating exceptional content. saves us thousands of dollars a week. We create content briefs and write 50-100 unique SEO-driven pieces per month. With, we now craft briefs, outlines, and full first drafts in minutes that our writers can use as the perfect inspiration for fine-tuning a valuable piece of content.
Jeremy Moser
CEO, uSERP vs ChatGPT: What’s the best option for me?

There's no denying the impact ChatGPT has had on the AI landscape. When it burst onto the scene, it was nothing short of revolutionary. As a pioneer in this space, it has truly pushed the boundaries of what AI can achieve and paved the way for subsequent developments in AI technology. 

For this, we tip our hats to ChatGPT.

But yesterday's breakthrough can quickly become today's norm. And as teams look to scale, it becomes evident that the once ground-breaking capabilities of ChatGPT are no longer enough.

Scaling requires advanced capabilities—automation, collaboration, model flexibility, and more—that aren't just about generating text. They're about generating the right content, at the right time, for the right audience, in an efficient and scalable manner. 

While ChatGPT was a pioneer in making generative AI accessible, it hasn't evolved at the same pace to support the growing demands of today's teams.

That's where enters the picture. 

Built with scalability at its core, takes the foundation laid by ChatGPT and elevates it to the next level. It's more than an AI tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to support your team as you scale and grow. 

So while we thank ChatGPT for its pioneering work, it's time to move forward with a solution that's equipped to handle the demands of the future. 

With, that future is now. has Workflows. ChatGPT doesn’t. 

Unlike other platforms like ChatGPT where you need to generate each piece individually, allows you to create all of these different campaigns simultaneously.

Then, you can do this at scale

Imagine you had 50 webinar transcripts from last year. With's automated workflows, you can repurpose these into any text-based assets you need, driving faster, higher growth:

But repurposing content is just the tip of the iceberg.

From summarizing long texts to extracting insights from data or transforming any piece of text into a new type of asset, the possibilities with's automated workflows are nearly endless.

By streamlining the content generation process,'s automated Workflows free you from the confines of manual content creation. is more scalable than ChatGPT

Welcome to the future of scalable AI-driven content generation - meet, the platform designed to adapt, evolve, and grow alongside your business. 

Here's why stands head and shoulders above ChatGPT when it comes to scalability:

  • Model-agnostic: ChatGPT pulls from either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, depending on your subscription. This has resulted in reports of downtimes and disruptions for users. But has a model-agnostic design offering you higher levels of flexibility and adaptability with access to GPT-4, Anthropic, and Azure.
  • Web scraping: Where traditional AI tools like ChatGPT operate within certain data constraints, leverages the unlimited potential of the web. Our platform pulls and incorporates information from the web, keeping your content relevant, diverse, and up-to-date, even when made in bulk. 
  • Collaboration made easy: As you scale your business, team collaboration becomes even more crucial. is built with this in mind, providing 5 user seats and the capacity to create shareable project folders. This ensures your team can work together seamlessly on all your team-wide projects. 

When you use ChatGPT, your projects remain siloed until they’re copied/pasted into another platform and shared across your business. But with, you can work more collaboratively with your entire team without having to share personal login credentials. comes with more native features than ChatGPT

When ChatGPT went mainstream in early 2023, it showed the world how powerful and profitable generative AI could be. And yet, even when you’re on the paid plan, you still need a lot of add-ons to get the most from ChatGPT. 

The free version only provides access to GPT-3.5, an inferior model to GPT-4, and nothing else comes natively. It’s a blank screen waiting for your prompt with a handful of examples to get you started.

To be fair, when you upgrade for $20/month, you can start playing with GPT-4, but on a limited basis. And the number of words you can generate per day varies and is subject to change, depending on how many people are actively using ChatGPT at any given moment. 

On ChatGPT’s paid plan, you can also access 3rd-party templates and voice tones for a small fee (one popular option is AIRPM which is an added $5/month). 

But with, we want everyone to experience the full power of AI right out of the gate. That’s why even on the free plan users can access the following:

1. Unlimited Words, Unlimited Possibilities

When it comes to content generation, we believe in limitless creativity. With, enjoy the freedom of unlimited words, so your ideas never get cut short. As you scale your business, the volume of content you need increases, and is here to support you every step of the way.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, has a limited number of words you can use on the paid plan when generating text with GPT-4. You’ll also need the paid plan to access templates, voice tones, and 3rd-party plugins.

2. Prompt Improver

Ever wished for an easy way to enhance your prompts for better output? Wish no more.'s innovative Improve feature instantly refines any prompt, boosting the quality of your output. This allows for continual improvement, even as your content needs grow and evolve.

Here’s an example of the prompt before’s Improve:

And here’s what it looks like after with no manual changes made: 

Thanks to, you don’t need to be a prompt engineer to write detailed, high-quality prompts that lead to the output you need.

3. Brand Voices

Maintaining consistency in your brand's voice is crucial, especially when scaling your business. offers the ability to create content in different brand voices, ensuring your messaging always resonates with your audience. 

Whether it's for different writers, channels, or audiences, our tool helps you to keep your communication tone finely tuned and consistent.

You can load original content for to analyze, and our platform will create a voice that’s tailored to your business. Then, after writing your prompt, simply click Brand Voice and watch as your output gets transformed to a voice that’s uniquely yours. 

Pro users get unlimited Brand Voices that can be used across all of your projects. 

4. Infobase

To provide more context and relevance to your prompts, offers Infobase, a dedicated repository for your brand's key information. 

Load information about your company in Infobase straight from your dashboard: 

Then use a hashtag to add any stored details into your prompts.

This makes sure your brand's core messages and information remain consistent across all content, regardless of scale.

5. Pre-Built Prompt Library

With over 90 tools and prompt templates readily available, makes sure you're never at a loss for inspiration. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your content production, our library is designed to kickstart your content generation process instantly.

  • Choose from our prompt categories, including: 
  • Content/SEO
  • Email marketing 
  • Paid ads
  • PR/Communications
  • Recruiting 
  • Sales
  • Social media

From there, you can select any of the pre-built prompts that you need to build the campaigns you want. 

6. Streamline Your Workflow

With Workflows, you can automate a series of tasks or actions based on the input you provide (in plain English), freeing you from repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Take a look at some of the popular workflows our users love:

  • Webinar transcript to blog ideas: Got a webinar transcript? Feed it to Chat to Workflows, and watch as it generates 10 blog ideas, 10 blog outlines, 10 blog first drafts, and even social media posts for each blog—all automatically.
  • LinkedIn profile scraper and cold outreach: Provide a LinkedIn profile link, and Chat to Workflows will generate a profile summary, followed by a 3-step cold outreach email sequence for pitching Networking made easy.
  • Sales call transcript to insights: Take a sales call transcript, pull key insights, and send everything to Slack to keep sales and marketing aligned. 

Again, Workflows is not something that ChatGPT offers, and it’s one area where we really jump ahead in this race. 

With ChatGPT, you can automate one text-based asset at a time. But with Workflows, you can automate as many campaigns as you want from single or multiple inputs. is more reliable than ChatGPT 

Businesses need a platform they can count on as they grow and evolve, a partner that adapts and upgrades alongside them. This is where holds a significant edge over ChatGPT.

At the heart of our advantage is its model-agnostic approach. 

This means that isn't tied to a single AI model; it's designed to work with various AI models. This flexibility allows the platform to adapt and evolve alongside advances in AI technology, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge and continues to deliver reliable, high-quality results.

On the other hand, ChatGPT relies on GPT-4. While GPT-4 is undeniably a powerful AI model, the limitation of working exclusively with a single model hinders its ability to adapt to newer AI technologies and innovations.

Many users have even complained about this issue with ChatGPT on review boards:'s model-agnostic design doesn't just provide reliability; it also means your content generation can benefit from a variety of AI advancements and techniques. This ensures a diverse range of outputs, potentially leading to more creative and innovative content that resonates with your audience.

Write long-form content that engages & short-form copy that converts – all at the click of a button

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